This Masai Graduate is Cultivating Rural Tech with Dhwani RIS

The demonstration of adaptability and people skills, that define a Masai graduate, is as essential as technical prowess in today's evolving landscape.

Chirag's Impact at Dhwani RIS

This Masai Graduate cultivating rural tech with Dhwani RIS.

Discover the inspiring journey of Chirag, a Masai graduate, as he leverages his tech skills to transform rural communities with Dhwani RIS.

India's rural landscape, a vast expanse accounting for over 68%[1] of the Indian population holds an abundance of untapped potential. The Indian government has been relentlessly devising strategies and rolling out initiatives to empower these remote areas in various aspects.

However, the sinews and muscles that breathe life into these initiatives, and truly empower the rural populace, are technology and tech firms adept at manoeuvring this technology.

One such organisation is Dhwani Rural Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2012 with the objective of harnessing the power of technology to drive social change and provide tech solutions at the grassroots level.

Despite the admirable work being done, the industry faces certain critical challenges. A critical hurdle on this path is the tech talent deficit in the country which stood at 21% for FY 2022-23.

For Dhwani RIS, the solution lay in Masai.

Chirag at Masai

Chirag, who is currently in his final year of BCA, started his tech voyage at Masai, where he enrolled in the Full Stack Web Development course in 2020, right after the 12th standard.

But, his journey at Masai wasn’t all smooth sailing. Being a high school graduate, he didn’t have enough coding knowledge and experience needed to excel in the course. So much so that Chirag had to repeat multiple units to develop a proper understanding of the concepts being taught in software development.

But it’s a testament to his diligence and determination that he embraced all the setbacks as stepping stones toward his ultimate goal.

Upon course completion he secured an internship in a Bangalore-based company while continuing his search for a full-time position. Solving DSA problems daily, and working on assignments, and his capstone projects, tremendously honed his technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

His persistent efforts ultimately bore fruit when he received a job offer from Dhwani RIS.

Chirag at Dhwani

At the time of Chirag's onboarding, the tech team at Dhwani was a close-knit group of 25-30 individuals. He began his stint there as an intern and was swiftly promoted to the position of SDE-1. He spent his initial days there working on an innovative project called Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) Class Check, aimed at facilitating Amazon employees' voluntary services to schools and NGOs.

Having been trained in React at Masai, Chirag had to adapt to and learn AngularJS which was the framework used at Dhwani. Chirag proved himself up to the task and made this transition quite smoothly with the help of his colleagues and managers. This demonstration of adaptability and people skills, that define a Masai graduate, is as essential as technical prowess in today's evolving landscape.

Given the rise of remote work and the gig economy, we have seen a paradigm shift in the significance of foundational soft skills across industries. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 78% of job postings internationally in the last three months featured soft skills.[2]

Quote from Chirag

Chirag’s unique combination of technical and soft skills acquired at Masai has proven to be an asset for Dhwani.

Over the course of his nearly 2 years of tenure at Dhwani, Chirag has been instrumental in various projects. His contributions to MGrant, a web application for CSR budget tracking and management, led to a significant influx of clients for the company. He has also been an essential part of government projects such as Aajeevika- NRLM (National Rural Livelihoods Mission) and MCLF MIS.

One of Chirag's significant contributions was his work on the Central User Management system. He helped manage user data from multiple government projects, demonstrating his ability to handle large volumes of complex data and convert it into structured form. His work significantly contributed to Dhwani's mission of solving tech problems at the grassroots level and providing tech solutions to rural India.


Chirag's dedication and problem-solving skills, honed at Masai, earned him regular appreciation from his senior colleagues.

Qadir's testimonial

“My experience at Masai was great. They have excellent faculty members and mentors who are there to guide you on your every step. Masai conducts seminars and webinars to ensure students get insights from industry experts. It ensures students undergo extensive assignments and projects to get real-world experience. They have moulded my complete personality and transformed me into a confident person. I appreciate their genuine efforts, which have helped me land the job that I had always dreamt of.” – Chirag

Final Thoughts

The tech talent gap in India is indeed a challenge, but it also opens a new door for companies to invest in non-traditional talent pools.

His story is a testament to the fact that practical knowledge and experience gained at institutions like Masai can be an effective solution to the scarcity that India currently faces.

Chirag attributes a major part of his growth to the human skill training he received at Masai, which according to him, enables him to be head-to-head with the more experienced counterparts in his organisation.

But his story is just the beginning. There are many more Masai graduates who are eager to demonstrate their abilities and make significant contributions to the tech landscape.

If you are looking to hire dedicated, adaptable, and skilled developers and data analysts who are ready to hit the ground running from day 0, hire from us today.


What is the Pay-after-placement model at Masai?

The Masai school follows the Pay-after-Placement model. The model ensures the student, after enrolling at Masai, does not have to bear the complete financial burden during the study of the course. The candidate has to pay the fees only if he has been successfully placed in a good company with a good package, which means if he is not able to get a placement, he studies for free.

How old must you be to enrol in a course at Masai?

A person up to 28 years old may apply to take a course at Masai.

Masai employs a methodical positioning procedure. Masai does not impose any limitations, in contrast to other institutes that have a limit on the number of interviews you can attend. You are free to attend as many interviews as you like.

Does Masai conduct mock interviews before actual placements?

Yes, Masai conducts sessions to prepare the students well enough before the actual placements. About two weeks before placements, students go through mock interviews and communication skills sessions that mould the student’s personalities and hone their interpersonal skills.

Masai begins placing students when the training is over. However, the weeks leading up to the end of the course are when the interview and placement preparation begins. Masai ensures that reputable firms hire students by having them participate in practice interviews that sharpen their interviewing techniques and prepare them for the real thing.

How much will it cost you to take a course at the Masai School?

The costs at Masai vary depending on the course. For a detailed description of the fees, go to the Masai website.

How many hiring partners does Masai have for its students?

Masai has over 4000 hiring partners to ensure graduates get placed in good companies with an attractive pay package. Masai keeps on adding new great hiring partners to ensure students get the best opportunities.

Masai guarantees that you are hired by a good firm with a wonderful package and work-life balance thanks to its network of more than 4,000 hiring partners.

Masai is a higher education institution that gives people skills. It teaches programming and software creation from the start. Thus, students from non-tech backgrounds can learn programming at Masai. Its 24-hour counselling, lectures, and simulated trials help you get hands-on experience, thereby nurturing future industry-ready graduates.

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