5 Govt Aspirants Turned Software Developer

At Masai, a lot of our students have been government job aspirants, who’ve joined Masai to skill and become developers. This blog is about 5 people who switched career paths to kickstart their careers in the tech industry.

5 Govt aspirants turned software developers
5 Govt aspirants turned software developers

Discover the inspiring journeys of 5 government aspirants who transformed into successful software developers with Masai.

Whenever there is a discussion about choosing the best job route. There is always debate about whether you should work for the government or in the private sector.

In India, government jobs are regarded as one of the most secure and safe jobs because of the perks and benefits they provide.

For a handful of openings in the government sector, there are millions of aspirants, and the ones who aren’t able to clear are left with limited options - Re-appear for the exam, look for job alternatives, or re-enter the academic ecosystem to get skilled enough to land a job.

Software development is a demanding and lucrative professional path. Due to the growing dependence on software worldwide, software developers are in high demand.

At Masai, a lot of our students have been government job aspirants, who’ve joined Masai to skill and become developers. This blog is about 5 people who switched career paths to kickstart their careers in the tech industry.

Chandan - Fighting fears and becoming a software developer

From being under-confident about his English language skills to mastering computer languages while fighting his fear, Chandan has come a long way.

Chandan was pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and preparing for competitive Govt. exams like SSC. He started appearing for a few competitive exams and realized that it’ll take a lot of time and was still unsure if he could crack it or not. After a lot of thought and deliberation, he decided to learn to code with the help of online resources. Even though he understood the basics of it, but still wasn’t ready for an industry-level job. He joined Masai after his brother, who is a software engineer, suggested ‌he join a Bootcamp.

Dream 11 shortlisted Chandan in just three rounds of interviews and offered him the role of SDE-1.

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Sai Krishna - lockdown helped him realize his interest in Coding

Sai wanted to be a government officer since elementary school. Even while in college, he prepared for competitive examinations.

He was completing his electrical engineering while taking attempts at government exams. He couldn't clear any exams, so he had to shift his focus to engineering. Because of the Covid lockdown in 2020, Sai had time to rethink his career. While talking to his friends, he learned software development and programming were booming despite global problems. Sai attempted coding and looked for online courses. He read about Masai’s different programs and joined the Full stack development program.

Two weeks and a few interviews after applying to Masai placements, he was hired as a software developer at Comtron.

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Bharath - A logic, math, and physics enthusiast

Bharath Reddy grew up in Hyderabad's Nalgonda, Telangana. He enjoyed Logical Reasoning, math, and science.

Despite many efforts at JEE, he was unable to gain admission. He then prepared for the Civil Service exam. He spent 3-4 years after graduation preparing for government examinations but was unsuccessful.

Bharath was inspired to seek a career in coding and programming by his peers and senior mentors. He started learning online but soon realized he needed guidance. He found the Masai school on Instagram and joined the full stack program.

After months of training, MPL hired him. After years of struggle, he could finally envision a bright future, all because Masai believed in him when nobody else did.

Bharath Reddy's Masai journey

Robby - Electrical Engineer quadrupled his salary by becoming a Developer

Son of a government servant and a homemaker, Robby is a 26-year-old engineer who pursued electrical engineering against his own will. He wasn’t eligible for placements because of low marks so he started looking for alternate career options.

He took the route of government exams, and with the support from his father, Robby, headed to Delhi. He joined a prestigious institute with the hope of cracking government exams, but unfortunately, even after putting in 6-7 months of sustained efforts, he couldn’t clear the exams.

After having tried his hands at Digital Marketing, Robby finally turned to web development, and today he's a developer at DreamzTech Solutions. He now earns 4x of what he earned previously.

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Pratik - Front-end engineer at MyGate

Pratik graduated with a degree in ECE. He became a SAP analyst at TCS through college placements. But he wasn't thrilled with his job. After 1.5 years, he quit. In order to fulfill his dream to serve his country, Pratik studied for the UPSC exam but couldn't crack the exam.

Pratik's family‌ severely needed funds, so he joined Jio as a service executive. He worked and kept studying for the SSC CGL. Because of pandemic, the government moved or canceled all tests, so he had to rethink his plans.

Pratik always loved programming. He opted to attend a coding boot camp to learn full-stack web development. After days of deliberation, he chose Masai Schoo. Pratik works at MyGate as a front-end engineer, doing what he loves.

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“Life does not always go as planned, and sometimes unexpected turns will bring you to a wonderful destination you never imagined”  

Aspirants are dedicated individuals who are always prepared to put up their best effort in whatever they take on. The amount of effort candidates put in while studying for government exams demonstrates that these students are not afraid to work hard.

And with Masai’s military-style training, and the hard work of students, we’ve been successful in launching our students into successful careers.

If you are a government aspirant who is working hard but not seeing the desired outcomes. Here's another professional path for you that will undoubtedly help you learn, grow, and reach your goals by providing you with financial independence.

Why choose a career in software development?

Here are some reasons why to pursue software development as a career:

Huge demand

The need for software developers is enormous. Almost every company need a certain kind of software and individuals capable of developing it in accordance with their demands. The demand for software engineers is expected to increase further as worldwide becomes more digital and online-based. Software development is an enticing career option if you're seeking a profession with a promising future.

High-Paying Position

A software developer makes a phenomenal salary. When it comes to lucrative careers, it ranks among the best alternatives. Within a short amount of time, the typical compensation of a software engineer might very quickly approach six figures. The starting pay for software engineers is quite good and satisfactory.

Opportunities for continuous learning

Software developers must be able to pick up fresh programming languages and technologies quickly and adjust to an environment that is always evolving. Developers frequently have the chance to expand their expertise in the business and industry they work in, which are also always evolving, in addition to gaining knowledge about technology. Learning new things constantly keeps your mind active and your work interesting.

Ideal for problem-breakers

Dealing with complicated codes is a must for software developers. This is the career for you if you like solving puzzles and issues, even complicated ones! Due to the complexity of the scripts, developing and running them requires excellent problem-solving abilities. Even if you don't yet possess these problem-solving abilities, you will definitely acquire them quickly once you work as a software engineer.

Go for it if you have an innovative mindset!

A creative mind and an attention to detail are essential for a career in software engineering. This is the career for you if you have an innovative mind and continually strive to create something new and original. You have the chance to use your imagination to develop the finest software and apps available!


What kind of education does a software developer have?

Most software developers hold bachelor's degrees in computer science, software development, or a closely related discipline. People can pursue work in the sector by gaining experience, obtaining certificates, and completing training courses like online boot camps.

Is software development the same as coding?

Although coding is a component of software development, there is more programming work involved. Software developers organize, develop, evaluate, and sustain the software they create, in addition to writing code that instructs computers how to carry out certain duties for the program.