An Electrical Engineer quadrupled his salary by becoming a Developer

With all of Robby’s friends busy binge-watching shows during the Pandemic, Robby got to work and decided to make the most out of the opportunity. Thanks to the 9-9-6 military-style learning routine, and structured curriculum Robby saw himself develop a fresh set of skills.

Robby made the big career switch at the age of 26.

Son of a government servant and a homemaker, Robby is a 26-year-old engineer who pursued electrical engineering against his own will. After going through various family struggles and working a low-income job, he was able to successfully build a career as a web developer. With the help of Masai, he bagged a software engineering job and now earns 4 times his previous salary.

Career Trajectory

Robby pursued engineering as per his parents’ suggestion for the betterment of his career. And graduated as an Electrical Engineer in 2017. Attributing to low marks he wasn’t eligible for placements he started looking for alternate career options.

He decided to take the route of government exams, and with support from his father, Robby headed to Delhi. He joined a prestigious institute with the hope to crack government exams, but unfortunately, even after putting in 6-7 months of sustained effort, he couldn’t clear the exams.

A few months later, he decided to get a job. Since Robby always dreamt of visiting Mumbai, he managed to land a job there. Even though the job was non-technical and paid him only 12,000/month, the fact that it was helping him gain experience made him stick to it.

He was finally earning, and that too in a metropolitan city like Mumbai.

Joining Masai

When comparing himself with his friends who were in a much better position Robby felt the need to level up. He felt compelled to overcome the weaknesses that were hindering his progress - Programming, being one of them.

While working in his Mumbai job, Robby was introduced to the concept of Digital Marketing, thanks to his peers in the Sales department, and to explore the world of Digital Marketing he joined an institute where he learned about WordPress - A magical way to build websites without writing code!

And that wonder of being able to build websites led him to discover programming concepts like HTML and CSS, and eventually, he discovered Masai through a YouTuber - Abdul.

Masai’s unique learning model where the students can learn without paying anything upfront caught Robby’s attention, and after speaking with some Masai students and Alumni he took the leap of faith and joined Masai.

The concept of pay after placement is what led Robby’s father to trust Masai, and as we write this story Robby and his family are reaping the benefits of this beautiful financial model.

The Masai Experience

With all of Robby’s friends busy binge-watching shows during the Pandemic, Robby got to work and decided to make the most out of the opportunity. Thanks to the 9-9-6 military-style learning routine, and structured curriculum Robby saw himself developing a fresh set of skills.

Moving ahead Robby also talked about the CSBT team of Masai, a program where students are trained to work on their communication and behavioural training ultimately making them better professionals.  

Thanks to Masai’s focus on Mastery-Based Progression, Robby had an async where he had to repeat a certain unit, and remembering that time, he shares that it was one of the best things at Masai, as that phase of “Async” helped him revise concepts, and build a stronger foundation.

At Masai, if a student feels they have not been able to fully grasp the learnings from a particular unit, they are termed Async. Keeping in mind the various backgrounds that students come from, Masai provides this additional support to make sure students are well-equipped with industry knowledge once they go out of the program.

With no background in programming, Robby saw himself progress, and after having worked on multiple projects Robby was ready for the placement process.

The Placement Experience

The fact that 26 is an unusual age to shift careers made Robby skeptical about getting a job. Moreover, he had the Herculean task to educate and train himself in an entirely new field - Programming! But he was relieved to know that at Masai, nothing mattered more than skills.

Robby praised Masai for preparing him well for the interviews. Before joining Masai, he was not able to effectively answer questions that required him to describe his experience after graduation. The skills he learned at Masai helped him a great deal. He learned the craft of navigating difficult questions. Finally, Robby was able to bag a job at DreamzTech Solutions as a software engineer after appearing for 12 interviews. He now earns 4x of what he earned previously.

Advice To Aspiring Developers

Robby advised aspiring developers at Masai to just focus on their studies at Masai and dedicate the whole time. He appreciated the hard work the students put in during the course to get their dream job. Wrapping up, he asked the aspiring developers to put in consistent hard work and stay determined irrespective of the hurdles they might face.