Govt Job Aspirant turned Full-Stack Developer - Sai Krishna's Story

“Anyone who wants to join Masai as a coder should not have second thoughts because I am living proof that anyone who joins it can turn things around for the better!”

Profile of Sai Krishna

Sai’s background

Sai has spent the 25 years of his existence in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana. Though born into a business class family, he never aspired to become an entrepreneur himself- for he had different plans for life!

At present, he works as a software developer (front-end role) at Comtron after graduating from Masai.

Initial interests as a young boy

Sai’s father owns a mining-related business but he always encouraged him to pursue what he was interested in. As a child, he was mostly interested in staying indoors and playing mind-enhancing games like chess. This demeanor continued in his youth when he turned out to be quite an introverted person.

In school, Sai only had one goal- to become a government officer. Even during his higher studies, he kept preparing for various competitive exams while also keeping up with his academic curriculum.

But life had other plans

After 12th, he got admission to a local college for Engineering in Electrical and Electronics while still appearing for government exams. However, he could not clear any of the exams with a good score and this meant that he had to shift his entire focus to his engineering course.

During college placements, he realized that the career he had opted for didn't have much scope in the current software-heavy industry.

Dejected after all the setbacks, he decided to work at his father’s company for the next two years and add some value to his business.

This is how he came across Masai School

In 2020, everything took a halt as the country witnessed a nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19. This gave Sai the time to self-reflect and rethink his career options.

After speaking to some of his friends and seniors, he realized that it was only software development and programming that was booming despite the current predicaments in the world.

And thus Sai decided to try his hand at coding and began searching for related course material online. He came across an article about Masai School and the courses that it was offering.

He got in touch with the team at Masai to find out more about their programs. After reviewing the website and the curriculum, he enrolled himself in the Full-Stack Web Development program at Masai so that he could get started on a new career right away by learning something new and challenging. And because there were no fees involved, he didn't have anything to lose- he only had to pay it after getting placed for a job of more than 5 LPA!

The Masai experience

When Sai came to Masai, he found the workload and schedule to be overwhelming. In an attempt to raise his grades, he decided against leaning entirely on his notes and instead tried a self-driven approach. Following the 9-9-6 schedule, he spent 9 hours each day focusing on core concepts whilst devoting the rest of his time to more intense learning activities (including tutoring sessions, joining study groups, or doing homework with peers) which are bound to leave a long-lasting impression on students.

To be a full-stack developer, one needs to learn to create applications using coding languages like Javascript, HTML, etc. and this course at Masai taught him every language he needed to learn along with Python, MongoDB, and ReactJS. Whenever he found himself in trouble, he could reach out to the instructors and instructional associates at Masai.

This partnership between instructors and IAs at Masai is crucial to the core development of students. IAs at Masai connect on a personal level with students helping them even in the littlest of problems or doubts.

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Time for placements

After finishing the course with Masai, his employability increased significantly. He was able to redo his resume and learn how to perform technical interviews with the help of industry mentors. Within just a few days of applying for jobs at the Masai placements, he received numerous calls asking him to set up interviews- Two weeks and a few interviews later, he got placed at Comtron as a software developer. He credits the faculty, especially Mr. Yogesh for helping him with his communication and other soft skills which are crucial for standing out in the corporate world.

Sai's feedback for Masai

“Anyone who wants to join Masai as a coder should not have second thoughts because I am living proof that anyone who joins it can turn things around for the better!”- he says. As Sai looks back at how far he has come from being a former struggler at a traditional college and being an aspiring civil servant to now having a lucrative career- he feels truly grateful to everyone at Masai who helped him get here with industry-level training.