4 Years, 4 Major New Developments

It's been an amazing four years of challenges, wins and growth. As we look forward to many more such years, we have altered our functioning to ensure that we continue staying true to our values and promises.

4 years, 4 developments at Masai
Authoured by Prateek Shukla

In the last four years, Masai has remained committed to one core mission – enabling young adults to start sustainable careers. We have nurtured more than 3,500 minds to reach their career potential through skill development. Today, Masai is helping over 6,000 students achieve their dream careers.

This journey hasn’t been just about equipping students with tech skills, but also about uplifting lives and families from poverty, proof of the transformative power of quality education. As a career launchpad for thousands, we have created a framework for industry readiness through practice-based learning and focus on holistic development.

Unlike conventional educational institutes, which may remain static in their curriculum and approach to teaching, Masai’s purpose is to align with the tech ecosystem and be flexible and maintain an industry-focus. To ensure the assured outcomes we must keep evolving.

In this direction, we are excited to announce that we are making some changes that will help Masai in continuing our work toward closing the skill gap in India.

Curriculum & Pedagogy: Supercharged by A.I.

Masai remains India’s only tech learning institute that has 100% live online learning. This along with our practice-based learning modules helps our students to master concepts of Web Development & Analytics no matter their educational backgrounds to become industry-ready.

Now we are introducing AI to harness this development to help our students become more efficient. Masai will actively help students utilise GAI (Generative Artificial Intelligence) to make them faster and reduce the margin of error in their work. Additionally, we have developed custom tools that can help students with:

  • Placement preparedness & mock interviews
  • Create custom DSA problems
  • Generate practice modules
  • Match companies basis performance
  • Career mapping
AI-integration screenshot

We believe this move will not only broaden the scope of our curriculum but also add a cutting-edge dimension to your learning.


Another significant change we're introducing is a revised curriculum structure.

After the 2nd Unit (10 weeks) in your course, you will have the opportunity to specialise in one of four major tech disciplines:

  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • SDET
  • Tech Support

We have worked with HR leaders from enterprises in order to understand future industry demands for each of these fields, which are critical to the tech industry and have a lot of scope to grow further. By offering specialised paths, we're strengthening your career potential and enhancing your employability. This combination of broad-based foundational learning followed by specialisations will offer you a competitive edge in the job market.

Course Specialisation Screenshot

These specialisations will be allotted to you based on your performance, interviews, and profile. This will help you start in a field that helps you launch a sustainable career.

We firmly believe that these changes will help our students become more proficient and more aligned with the current and future industry demands. Take the first step towards a scalable tech career and check out these courses now. 

Tiered Fee Structure

As an outcome-based skilling institute, Masai helps you start learning at 0 upfront fee. We are the only pay-after-placement institute in India. As we consider finding you the right job to be the outcome of education, our financial success is linked with the financial success of our students.

After speaking to hundreds of our alumni, and in keeping with the fact that our students are not customers but investments, Masai has decided to introduce a new tiered fee structure to ensure equitability in outcomes for our students. Unlike many other institutes that have fixed course fees regardless of placement outcomes, we're re-shaping our model to tie our earnings to your post-placement salary. Here is how.

  • If you are placed at a CTC of INR 3.5 to 4.99 LPA, you will pay a course fee of INR 2.5 lakh, in equal monthly payments.
  • If you are placed with a salary of INR 5 to 9.99 LPA, your course fee will be INR 3.5 lakh, in equal monthly payments.
  • If you achieve a salary of 10 LPA or above, the course fee will be INR 4.5 lakh, in equal monthly payments.
Tiered fee structure screenshot

We firmly believe in shared responsibility; therefore, if a student secures a lower salary bracket, they should pay a proportionately lower course fee. This is our commitment to fairness and transparency.

Eligibility Change

Masai is working towards changing perceptions about skills over degrees. We are continuously engaging with companies through roundtables in order to create this shift. Progress is slow, but Masai is in this for the long run.

However, keeping in mind current macroeconomic trends, and respecting the current industry preference, Masai will pause admissions for students who are not college graduates. While we are not seeing a decline in the current placement of non-graduates, and have enough openings for students currently studying with us, we are expecting considerable movement on this front by Jan 2024. To make sure we remain a launchpad for your dreams and aspirations, this has perhaps been the hardest step we have taken in our four-year history.

As the job market stabilises by FY 24-25, we are certain we will be able to open our doors to students who have cleared Class 12th. Our belief remains, skills are more important than degrees.

At Masai, our commitment to elevating futures and careers is unwavering. We were founded with the purpose of tapping into the vast, untapped potential of our country and making these talented individuals employable.

These changes are nothing but a testament to our commitment to that purpose, ensuring that we continue to deliver relevant, quality education that translates into successful careers. Together, we'll continue to shape the future of tech education.

Here's to the journey ahead – one of learning, adapting, growing, and succeeding.

Prateek Shukla is the founder and CEO of Masai School.