Why Trinkerr Chose to Invest in This Masai Graduate

While Soumya did not come from a traditional CS/IT background, the practical training at Masai prepared him to handle a wide array of work scenarios, enabling him to stand toe-to-toe with conventional graduates.

Soumya's Impact at Trinkerr

Learn why Trinkerr invested in Masai School graduate Soumya Ranjan Purohit. Learn how his nontraditional background prepared him for success in the technology industry.

US$ 3,774.17 million! That's the astounding global market cap that the social trading landscape is projected to reach by 2028 according to Research And Markets[1]. It's definitely a rapidly expanding ecosystem and India, with its burgeoning youth population and tech-savvy users, is a critical player.

The estimated Indian fintech market size of ~US$ 150 billion by 2025 only validates this point.[2]

What is Trinkerr?

The first social trading platform in India, Trinkerr enables users to trade in various financial products, such as equities, foreign currencies, commodities, and more. Users may interact with other traders on the site and exchange knowledge, advice, and tactics. Trinkerr is a distinctive and cutting-edge method of trading that is gradually gaining acceptance among dealers in India.

Advantages of Trinkerr

Insight into Others' Portfolios: Trinkerr offers a unique advantage by allowing users to view the stock portfolios of friends, family, or relatives. This feature enables individuals to gain insights into the investment strategies of people they trust. Users can see the stocks held in these portfolios, assess the profits and losses incurred, and understand the rationale behind specific stock purchases.

Effortless Portfolio Replication: Trinkerr simplifies the process of replicating the portfolios of seasoned investors. With just two clicks, users can emulate the investment strategies of experts or individuals who have demonstrated successful track records. This can be particularly beneficial for those looking to learn from experienced investors or diversify their own portfolios by adopting proven strategies.

Seamless Integration with Top Brokers: Trinkerr easily links existing Demat accounts from India's leading 14 brokers. This eliminates the need for users to open separate Demat accounts, streamlining the portfolio management process. Users can manage all their investments from various brokers in one centralised platform, enhancing efficiency and ease of access.

Effortless Portfolio Creation and Sharing: Trinkerr simplifies the creation of stock portfolios. Users can easily compile and organise their stock holdings, making it a user-friendly tool for portfolio management. Additionally, the platform allows users to share their portfolios with friends and followers, facilitating collaborative discussions and knowledge exchange within the investment community.

In this booming arena, Trinkerr, a rising Indian copy trading platform is making waves. Empowering users to follow financial experts, monitor their performance, and build individual portfolios based on expert-curated watchlists, Trinkerr is poised to tap into the untapped potential of social trading in India.

Yet, for it to keep up the pace and continue to innovate, it requires a talented tech workforce capable of matching its ambition.

In the midst of the tech talent crisis in India, Trinkerr turned to Masai for a solution and hired 6 of its graduates. Soumya Ranjan Purohit is one of them.

Soumya at Masai

Born and raised in Odisha, Soumya's journey to becoming a seasoned software developer was far from linear. After earning his Bachelor's and Master's in Electronics he wasn’t thrilled with the career options available and decided to step into the realm of coding. Though he was learning programming languages on his own, he needed a structured learning system to build a career in tech.

Masai, with its unique pay-after-placement model and structured curriculum, appealed to Soumya. Despite initial apprehensions about the intensive military-style training (11-11-6), he took the leap, and there was no looking back.

At Masai, the structured program and constant exposure to problem-solving exercises prepared him for the dynamic world of software development.

With comprehensive interview preparation and support from industry mentors at Masai, he was able to successfully navigate through multiple job interviews.

However, his inclination toward working with an agile and innovative startup drew him to join Trinkerr.

Soumya at Trinkerr

Despite facing a few initial challenges with the tech stack, the grit, and resilience he had developed at Masai allowed Soumya to rise to the occasion at Trinkerr.

He commenced his journey as a front-end developer working on the investment transactions flow. Within a short span, Soumya was assigned to lead the development of Omni Search, Trinkerr's primary search system which allows users to find stocks, people, and portfolios, among other functionalities.

Quote by Soumya

Over the past two years, Soumya has significantly contributed to Trinkerr's technological advancements. He has worked on gamifying the app and revamping the feed with features like scheduled posts, and multiple image upload functionality.

This active contribution has garnered him immense appreciation from his manager and colleagues, bolstering his confidence and driving him to further his commitment to Trinkerr. Despite encountering initial technical challenges, Soumya's unwavering determination and the resilience instilled in him during his tenure at Masai School served as the foundation for his remarkable journey at Trinkerr.

Initially, Soumya started his role as a front-end developer, focusing on enhancing the investment transactions flow. However, it didn't take long for his talents and dedication to catch the attention of his colleagues and superiors. Soumya was soon entrusted with leading a critical project: developing Omni Search, Trinkerr's primary search system. This feature allows users to seamlessly locate stocks, people, portfolios, and more, significantly improving the platform's usability.

Over the course of the past two years, Soumya has played a pivotal role in driving Trinkerr's technological advancements. He has gone above and beyond, adding a layer of gamification to the app and revamping the feed with innovative features such as scheduled posts and the ability to upload multiple images. These contributions have not only enhanced the user experience but have also solidified Soumya's reputation as a tech wizard within the company.

His exceptional dedication and technical prowess have earned him widespread recognition from both his manager and colleagues. His journey at Trinkerr is a testament to the power of perseverance and talent in the world of technology.

Product manager's testimonial from Trinkerr

Final Thoughts

Soumya's story is an affirmation of the tangible impact skill-based curriculum combined with diligence and determination can have on an individual’s career. While he did not come from a traditional CS/IT background, the practical training at Masai prepared him to handle a wide array of work scenarios, enabling him to stand toe-to-toe with conventional graduates.

To put it in his words,

“They are equally capable, but in Masai, we were exposed to more work and variables. We worked with all probabilities, we have made more mistakes than them, so we have learned more.”
Educational background of Masai grads at Trinkerr

The widening gap in tech talent in India presents not just a challenge, but a unique opportunity for forward-thinking businesses. This situation underscores the value of prioritising skill-based hiring over degree-based hiring, something Masai has been advocating for, since its inception.

If you’re looking to bolster your organisation's growth with skilled developers who can hit the ground running from day 0, hire a Masai graduate today.

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How did Soumya Ranjan Purohit's background differ from traditional CS/IT graduates, and what sets him apart at Trinkerr?

Despite Soumya's lack of formal CS/IT expertise, he excelled at Trinkerr because of to the hands-on instruction he received at Masai School. Among other conventional grads, he stood out for his capacity to handle various job situations and learn from failures.

What is the significance of skill-based hiring over degree-based hiring in the tech industry, as highlighted in Soumya's story?

Soumya's journey underscores the value of skill-based hiring in bridging the tech talent gap in India. Masai School's skill-focused curriculum prepares graduates to excel in real-world scenarios, making them valuable assets to forward-thinking businesses.


[1]- https://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/5576270/social-trading-platform-market-forecast-to

[2]- https://www.investindia.gov.in/sector/bfsi-FinTech-financial-services

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