Meet Harsh: The Masai Graduate Transforming EatFit with Healthy Code

We’re stating the obvious when we say that the tech talent gap in India is a critical challenge for Indian Inc. On the flip side, it also gives businesses the opportunity to invest in non-traditional talent sources.

Harsh impact story at EatFit

Discover how Harsh, a Masai graduate, is driving innovation at EatFit with his tech skills. Learn about his journey and the impact he's made on the healthy food startup.

$716.53 million! That's the staggering figure by which the Indian food delivery market is expected to grow between 2021 and 2026[1], and the projected revenue for FY 2023 stands at a mindblowing US$33.36bn.[2]

Apart from the 2 established players in this market, several emerging startups are carving out their own niche. One such organisation specialising in delivering healthy and nutritional food is EatFit.

With increasing health consciousness among consumers, EatFit’s focus on healthy food puts it at the forefront of this expansion. In a world where fast food has become a quick fix, EatFit is challenging the status quo.

However, to stay ahead and keep innovating in this competitive landscape, these startups are in constant need of skilled tech talent.

Amidst India’s skilled tech talent crises, EatFit turned to Masai to fulfil its tech talent requirement.

Harsh at Masai

Born and raised in Delhi, Harsh's journey to becoming a skilled software developer wasn't straightforward. After completing his B.Tech from VTU, Bengaluru, he secured a job offer from Wipro, but the unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the revocation of this offer. Determined not to let this setback define his career, Harsh decided to focus on his passion for software development, which eventually led him to Masai.

Despite his initial scepticism about its pay-after-placement model, Masai’s openness and honesty about the fee structure won Harsh over and he enrolled in their full-stack web development course.

Harsh faced various challenges during his course at Masai, including the intense workload and the need for remote learning due to the ongoing pandemic. However, his dedication and the support of Masai's instructors helped him overcome these obstacles. Gradually, Harsh honed his programming skills and began working on real-world projects, gaining practical experience in web development.

Upon completing his course, he secured a software developer position at a renowned IT firm, realizing his dream and proving that determination and focused skill development can lead to success in the tech industry.

The rigorous training program, which included daily data structures & algorithms problem-solving, group projects, and multiple time-bound assignments prepared him for the challenging world of software development.

Harsh also received proper interview practice from industry mentors at Masai that enabled him to really shine through the placement process at Masai and crack interviews from multiple companies.

However, his desire to be part of a new and emerging startup led him to join EatFit.

Harsh at EatFit

Despite this being his first job, the resilience Harsh had developed at Masai allowed him to rise to the occasion and take on the bigger responsibilities at the renowned startup.

Harsh started with Map My India(MMI) integration after the company decided to move away from the Google Maps ecosystem. Within 6 months, he was assigned the ownership of the Kitchen Management System where he worked on order tracking and overall performance optimisation.

Over the past two years, he has made a significant impact on EatFit's operations. One of his crowning achievements was the development of a 3P aka third-party module which allowed users to place replacement orders on third-party sellers like Swiggy and Zomato.

Harsh's role at EatFit also involved a crucial project to enhance customer experience. He led the team that implemented a real-time order tracking feature, which greatly improved transparency for customers.

In addition to his technical contributions, Harsh played a pivotal role in streamlining the logistics and delivery processes, resulting in faster and more efficient food deliveries.

His dedication and innovative approach have earned him recognition within the company, making him a valuable asset to EatFit's continued growth and success in the competitive food delivery market in India.

Quote by Harsh

This particular product has been saving the company 20-24 lakhs in revenue per month since its implementation in December 2022.

The accomplishment also earned him recognition as 'Rockstar of the Month' and 'Top Performer' by EatFit in January 2023.

Furthermore, Harsh's efforts in optimizing logistics and delivery have not only improved efficiency but have also contributed to substantial cost savings for EatFit, with the company saving approximately 20-24 lakhs in revenue every month since the implementation of his innovative strategies in December 2022.

His exceptional dedication and creative problem-solving have not only garnered him internal recognition within EatFit but have also solidified his position as a key contributor to the company's ongoing success in India's fiercely competitive food delivery market.

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Final Thoughts

Harsh attributes his success to his ability to perform under pressure that Masai helped him develop. Working late into the night, sometimes till 2 AM-3 AM to submit assignments before the deadline, prepared him for a fast-paced startup.

“We were made quite uncomfortable at Masai, so that in future we get comfortable.”

According to him, training in the most in-demand tech stacks along with the hands-on experience and data structures and algorithms practice at Masai definitely gave him an edge over his peers from college.

Harsh is a true testament to the fact that with the right blend of technical skills and soft skills, one can truly shoulder responsibilities, and drive growth and innovation in the tech landscape.

Harsh's dedication to meeting deadlines, cultivated during his time at Masai, has been a crucial factor in his success. The rigorous training at Masai challenged him to excel even in uncomfortable situations, preparing him for the demands of the fast-paced startup world.

His proficiency in sought-after tech stacks, honed through hands-on experience and rigorous practice of data structures and algorithms at Masai, has undeniably given him a competitive advantage over his college peers.

Harsh's journey serves as a compelling example of how a combination of technical expertise and soft skills can empower individuals to assume responsibilities and drive innovation in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Testimonial by Pradeep(Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, EatFit)

We’re stating the obvious when we say that the tech talent gap in India is a critical challenge for Indian Inc. On the flip side, it also gives businesses the opportunity to invest in non-traditional talent sources.

If you’re looking to fuel your organisation's growth with skilled developers who can hit the ground running from day 0, hire a Masai graduate today.

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What motivated Harsh to enroll in Masai's full-stack web development course?

Harsh's initial job offer was revoked due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This setback motivated him to pursue his passion for software development, leading him to enroll in Masai's course.

How did Harsh's training at Masai prepare him for success at EatFit?

Masai's rigorous training program, which included daily problem-solving, group projects, and interview practice with industry mentors, equipped Harsh with the skills and resilience needed to excel at EatFit.




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