This Masai Graduate is at the Wheel of Park+'s Tech Transformation

In today’s digital age, programming has become a one-stop solution to man’s scalable problems and day-to-day work. But did you ever wonder about the creative minds that were behind this revolution?

Manasvi's impact at Park+

Finding a parking spot in metropolitan cities is a challenging task for many vehicle owners. In fact, nearly 74% of them struggle to find space for their vehicles. So pervasive is this issue that on some occasions, a quarter of these vehicle owners have chosen not to use their cars due to parking constraints.[1]

Among the companies endeavouring to solve this persistent problem is Park+, a trailblazer in the smart parking domain, with its mobile app providing comprehensive car-related services, from finding and booking parking spaces to car maintenance and insurance services.

“When we first launched Park+, we wanted to make it easier for travellers to save time when searching for parking spaces at different spots in the country.” [2]

One instrumental player in Park+'s journey is Manasvi, a Masai School alumnus, who embarked on a remarkable transition from theatre to software development.

From Stage to Code: Manasvi's Transition to Tech

Manasvi's career journey is an unconventional one. An Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate, he decided to pursue his passion for theatre and acting in Mumbai. But the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in his plans as lockdowns and isolation struck a blow to the entire performance industry.

In his quest for stability and lucrative opportunities, Manasvi turned to the tech industry. A friend's recommendation led him to Masai.

The initial days at Masai were challenging for Manasvi given his non-Computer Science background and the rigours of the program itself. But he was resolute in his determination to succeed. He saw the bigger picture and took it as a challenge to brave it through the program.

Interacting and studying with fellow aspirants made him feel right at home. After successfully completing the course, Manasvi received a job offer from Park+.

Stepping into the Tech World with Park+

At Park+, Manasvi's journey entered a new phase. Being part of a rapidly growing startup, he was introduced to various tech challenges and learning opportunities. From learning React at Masai, Manasvi broadened his tech arsenal to include React Native and Next.js and also gained experience in SEO.

In a large tech team of 80-90 members at Park+, every new feature becomes a project in itself. This dynamic environment propelled Manasvi to contribute significantly to several transformative projects.

His contributions include developing the flow for a collaboration project with Cars24, aimed at lead generation. He single-handedly built this flow in a week, boosting the company's daily revenue. Further, he contributed to the Yard Management System, a solution now being sold to dealers, and also developed a 'Pick Up and Drop' app.

Manasvi's passion for his work and drive to excel has resulted in his recognition as Employee of the Month twice and helped propel Park+'s exponential user growth over the last year and a half.

Manasvi sharma on LinkedIn: #doyourbest #work #commitment | 17 comments
There are some small recognitions and acknowledgements in life, which are rather small if we look then from the regular perspective. But, sometimes these… | 17 comments on LinkedIn

Manasvi's experiences underscore the importance of practical training.

What do Developers do that transforms businesses?

Programmers are adaptable individuals who can develop, implement, and oversee software. They have an array of skills that render them essential to any organization. Developers are motivated individuals who enjoy solving issues, engaging in new obstacles, and picking up new technology.

Due to the projected future work and the digital shift that is taking place, software developers remain in great demand. Within a more automated environment, programmers can prosper in the contemporary workforce. The following are a few tasks handled by developers that help businesses transform:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is among the rapidly expanding areas in the technology industry, and programmers are spearheading this trend. The cloud offers a flexible environment with numerous advantages for enterprises, ranging from accessibility and scalability to cost reductions. Software engineers develop cloud-based applications that assist businesses in creating and deploying these novel systems.

  • AI

AI or Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving concept being explored by small and medium-sized businesses today. One such instance is machine learning (ML), which can be implemented to learn trends and patterns to read customer behavior. Using the inferred data, informed decisions can be made to improve business activities.

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

The employment of programs to streamline business activities is referred to as RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA was once thought to be expensive and sophisticated, but that has ceased to be true. Companies may now do a great deal using technology that is both economical and simple.

RPA assists these businesses in simplifying activities, saving both money and time and allowing their IT personnel to zero in on broader objectives. It's a simple method for small enterprises to begin automating without hitting the bank.

  • Data-Driven Businesses

The need for software engineers is increasing as firms recognize the importance of being data-driven. Data are fueling companies' digital evolution. Information collected by every equipment, device, and system in the organization can be examined to help make sound decisions. Businesses must depend on software engineers to develop the instruments required to understand this fresh data.

The Future of Tech Hiring

Masai, with its emphasis on real-world training and comprehensive skill-building, is helping create a pool of software developers ready to contribute from day one.

Educational backgrounds of Masai students at Park+

Manasvi’s story highlights the potential of Masai graduates - their grit, adaptability, and technical acumen have proven to be instrumental in navigating the challenges of burgeoning startups like Park+.

If your organisation is looking to bring on board talented, skilled, and ready-to-contribute developers who can make a significant impact from the get-go, it's time to consider hiring from Masai and being a part of the skill-based hiring revolution.

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What are the skills required for a full-stack developer?

Since, as a full stack developer, one must be an expert in both back-end and front-end development, the skill set necessary for a full stack developer is as follows:

  • CSS and HTML
  • JavaScript
  • GitHub and Git
  • Languages for back-end development (Python, Ruby, Java, PHP)
  • Design fundamentals
  • Web architecture
  • SOAP and REST
  • Technology stacks
  • Database management systems
  • Soft skills (time management, communication, multitasking, leadership qualities, patience, attention to detail, etc.)

What is the average salary of a full-stack developer?

Full stack developers can earn about ₹6,92,500 annually on average in India.




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