The Perfect Fit: Mriganka's Journey with Masai's Structured Curriculum

There was a little challenge when Mriganka started his journey at Masai. He needed a quiet space to study and focus, which meant he had to move to a separate apartment. Eventually, they understood his dedication and supported his decision, knowing it was for his best.

The Perfect Fit: Mriganka's Journey with Masai's Structured Curriculum

Discover Mriganka's inspirational journey with Masai's structured curriculum. From adapting to the tech industry's demands to the support of mentors and the significance of Construct Week, his story is a testament to determination and growth.

Meet Mriganka, a shining example of determination and adaptability. Despite not being a studious individual during his childhood, he consistently achieved above-average grades.

Following his own passion, he independently chose the science stream after completing his 10th standard, without any pressure from his family. The pandemic disrupted his college plans, but he utilized that time to pursue a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Although faced with the setback of not receiving a job offer letter after securing a job, he embraced resilience and explored new opportunities. Today, as a Junior Developer at NODUCO, Mriganka's journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring professionals.

Discovering Masai

Mriganka first discovered Masai through an advertisement when he was searching for new job opportunities. At that time, he was looking for ways to enhance his skills and find a fulfilling career.

Initially, he decided to continue his job search, but after several months, he realized the importance of upskilling. With today's rapidly changing job market and evolving industries, Mriganka had to adapt to technological advancements, plan for career advancement, personal growth, and job security, and enhance his productivity. Upskilling would serve as a form of future-proofing in uncertain economic times. In this dynamic world, continuous learning and skill development are not just personal choices but necessities, ensuring one can thrive and contribute to a prosperous future. Mriganka saw himself as a full-fledged developer. He wanted to learn to code, and that's when he came across Masai again. This time he saw it with renewed light. He took an assessment called MSAT and went through an interview process to join the program.

Best Thing about Masai

When asked about the best thing about Masai, Mriganka was quick to highlight two aspects that truly made a difference for him. First, he mentioned the structured curriculum. Unlike random YouTube tutorials, Masai's curriculum was well-organized and easy to follow.

It was meticulously designed to prepare students for careers in web development and software engineering. It delved into core programming languages, popular web development frameworks, data structures, and algorithms. Beyond technical skills, Masai also emphasised problem-solving abilities, fostered collaborative learning through pair programming, and dedicated attention to interview preparation. It provided a clear path for learning, making it much easier for him to grasp coding concepts and progress steadily. Mriganka could engage in hands-on projects while also developing essential soft skills. This industry-relevant curriculum updated and aligned him with the fast-paced tech landscape, ensuring that he emerged job-ready. Second, Mriganka expressed his appreciation for the mentorship and support system at Masai. He found it incredibly valuable to have experienced mentors who guided him throughout his journey, answering his questions and providing encouragement. He was offered personalised guidance from seasoned industry professionals who provided invaluable technical learning, project development, and career preparation support. They also offered insights and helped him hone in on his career goals.

These two factors, the structured curriculum, and the support, played a vital role in Mriganka's success and made his experience at Masai truly remarkable.

Parents’ Reaction

When Mriganka made the decision to study at Masai, his parents were fully supportive. They were overjoyed to see his determination to give his all to the curriculum and make something meaningful out of his life. Initial scepticism was followed by support after recognising Mriganka’s potential for a rewarding career in tech and appreciating the structured education and job placement support that the curriculum would provide. Although they were concerned about the investment and preferred more traditional education methods, they were open to this alternate mode of education and impressed by Mriganka’s willingness to learn.

However, there was a little challenge when Mriganka started his journey at Masai. He needed a quiet space to study and focus. The hustle-bustle at home was a major distraction, and he could never concentrate on his studies completely. Mriganka decided it was time to converse openly and honestly with his parents. He shared his concerns and listened to their perspective as well. He eventually came to the conclusion that a quiet study environment was crucial to his development, which meant he had to move to a separate apartment. Initially, his parents wanted him to stay with them, but Mriganka had to do a lot of convincing to explain his need for a peaceful environment.

Eventually, they understood his dedication and supported his decision, knowing it was for his best. Mriganka's parents played a crucial role in his success by respecting his choices and encouraging his pursuit of knowledge at Masai.

Construct Week Experience

Mriganka's experience during construct week was truly invaluable. It provided him with real-world exposure and practical knowledge that proved to be incredibly helpful during interviews. Every fifth week of Masai’s 35-week curriculum, Masai students can build capstone projects. They get the chance to implement their learnings from the course in a practical setup and see how far they have progressed. By the time a student completes the curriculum and graduates, they will have already accumulated a wealth of experience with up to eight production-ready projects as part of their portfolio, giving them an edge in the competitive market.

Construct Week gave him the opportunity to showcase what he had learned and the experiences he had gained as part of his learning journey at Masai. It was a chance to demonstrate how well he had developed his skills.

Construct Week was like a special moment where everything he had learned came together, and it became a reflection of his progress and growth. It was an exciting and fulfilling experience for Mriganka, shaping him into a confident professional ready to take on new challenges.

Message to Current and Aspiring Students

To all those thinking of joining the Masai curriculum, Mriganka has some valuable advice. He suggests giving it a try for the first month as a trial period. This way, they can test the process and see if it's the right fit for you.

The best part is, they have nothing to lose by trying! He highlighted how he had doubts initially but realised that upskilling is a powerful step towards realising his dreams and aspirations. He looked at learning as a lifelong adventure and embraced the new challenges as opportunities for growth. For those who are already part of the curriculum, Mriganka encourages you to trust the process. Mriganka advises them to believe in structured learning and put in efforts from their side to complement what is being taught and always remember, success comes with dedication and hard work. He said you will encounter setbacks as part of the process, but to stay curious, stay passionate, and never lose sight of your goals. Your dedication will lead to a future filled with opportunities and achievements. Keep pushing forward.

So, take a leap of faith, embrace the learning journey, and watch yourself grow into a skilled professional. Masai can be the stepping stone to a bright future if you're willing to put in the effort.