Navigating Reality Checks: Masai vs Traditional Education through Akansha's Eyes

Akansha's parents initially had different plans for her. They wanted her to prepare for government exams and secure a government job, as they believed it would offer more job security.

Navigating Reality Checks: Masai vs Traditional Education through Akansha's Eyes

Akansha’s journey towards success is one filled with passion and perseverance. After completing her Master’s degree in engineering, she started preparing for government examinations.

While studying, marriage came knocking on her door. And with marriage, came an opportunity that would change Akansha’s career path for the better. Her fiance introduced her to the world of consumer insights and data-driven marketing. Daily phone conversations with him sparked curiosity and led her towards the exciting world of data analytics.

Seeking courses to propel her career, she discovered Masai's part-time data analytics program, igniting her aspirations. Today, Akansha shines as a business data analyst at Pressfit Pipe and Profile. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and the endless possibilities that lie within the realm of data analytics.

Discovering Masai

Akansha discovered Masai through her fiance, who was working in the IT sector. They had regular conversations about marketing and how data-driven insights play a crucial role.

These conversations sparked her interest in data analytics, and she started enjoying the process of deriving insights from data. Her fiance even taught her programming languages like SQL and Python, but she wanted a structured learning experience.

She explored various options online and came across Masai. What caught her attention was the unique pay-after-placement model. Despite having her marriage fixed, Akansha decided to put her plans on hold until she secured a job through Masai.

Parent’s Reaction

Akansha's parents initially had different plans for her. They wanted her to prepare for government exams and secure a government job, as they believed it would offer more job security.

However, when they saw how happy and passionate Akansha was about pursuing a career in data analytics, they decided to support her. Her father had concerns about job security in the private sector, but he realized that Akansha's happiness and fulfillment were more important.

Even today, Akansha values her parents' opinions and consults them for major decisions. She assures them that her choices are true and will lead to a better future. Their support and understanding have played a crucial role in Akansha's journey towards success in the field of data analytics.

Best Thing About Masai

Akansha's experience at Masai was filled with exciting moments and valuable learning opportunities. One of the best things she discovered was the Construct Week projects in the curriculum.

After going through busy schedules with live sessions, evaluations, and assignments, Construct Week provided a chance to slow down and take things at their own pace.

At first, Akansha and her team took it easy with the project, but as they approached the final hours, they pushed themselves to work incredibly hard. They faced challenges head-on and put in extra effort to get things done. This experience taught Akansha the importance of perseverance and the satisfaction of accomplishing something remarkable through dedicated work.

Placement Experience

Akansha's placement experience was a journey filled with valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. In the beginning, she didn't get many chances for interviews for about four weeks. But instead of feeling discouraged, she used this time to strengthen her concepts and learn from her peers.

She sought advice from her batchmates, understanding how they prepared for interviews and the types of questions asked. In the fifth week, she finally got an interview opportunity and performed well enough to move on to the next round. Unfortunately, she couldn't proceed to the third round due to her lack of proper communication skills in English.

However, she took this feedback positively and worked on improving her skills. When the opportunity with Pressfit Pipe and Profiles came along, Akansha was well-prepared. After going through three interviews, she finally secured the job she had aspired for.

Her parents were delighted with her achievement and understood that even though she could have aimed for a better job, they prioritized her happiness and supported her decision to accept the offer. Akansha's placement experience taught her the importance of perseverance, continuous improvement, and being ready to seize the right opportunity.

Difference between Masai and other institutes

For Akansha, Masai was a transformative experience that set it apart from traditional colleges and universities. She realized the immense value of building skills rather than merely securing degrees.

In today's market, skills are in high demand, and Akansha believes they are incredibly helpful in navigating various situations in life. One of the unique advantages she found at Masai was the emphasis on practical skills and real-world projects.

This approach allowed her to develop skills that are transferable across industries. With the right skills, she believes that anyone can easily transition from one industry to another. Masai provided Akansha with a platform to acquire practical skills that have become invaluable in her professional journey.

Akansha’s Message to Current & Aspiring Students

To all aspiring individuals considering becoming a part of the Masai curriculum, Akansha has some valuable advice to share.

Firstly, she encourages them to trust in the curriculum and the reasons that caught their attention in the first place.

For those looking to shift careers, she emphasized the need to have a basic understanding of the industry they're stepping into, she also recommends taking time out to get familiarized with how things work and staying curious.

As far as people in the placement cycle are concerned she advises them to be patient and stay connected with the support system, seek feedback, stay on the learning curve, and remember that success takes time.