From Quality Inspector to Thriving Software Developer- Abhishek’s Journey

Abhishek Kumar - A Masai graduate now working at DeltaX
Abhishek Kumar - A Masai graduate now working at DeltaX

Abhishek hails from Chapra, Bihar, and graduated in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) in 2017. Ever the hard worker, he landed a job as a quality inspector soon after and got to work supporting his family. However, this won’t last long as a chance encounter with Masai would soon change his entire life.

With the option of upskilling himself now within his grasp, Abhishek had to make the tough choice between continuing his career or completely turning it upon its head. Because of his B.Tech background, he was already equipped with a basic knowledge of computers and coding, but now he saw the opportunity to take it a step further.

Today he has successfully switched careers and is working as an Associate Product Engineer at DeltaX. Let's hear his story.

How did you come across Masai?

While I was working as a quality inspector after graduation, I came across this ad for Masai on YouTube. That immediately sparked my interest. After that, I spent a long amount of time on Google learning everything I could about Masai.

In Masai, I saw the opportunity to make a difference, so I decided to share it with my parents. Unfortunately, they didn’t share my sentiment. It was difficult for them to accept that I want to leave a well-established job for something more. They were worried about what I would do if I wasn’t successful.

How did you make your parents understand Masai is the right place for you?

Initially, they were unsupportive, believing that leaving my job would be a mistake. But I explained that learning to code is not an impossible task. All it requires is the right guidance, guidance that I was convinced Masai would provide me through my research. After all, I had seen; I was ready to put my trust in Masai. So I joined to upskill myself.

How was your experience in Masai?

My experience in Masai has been truly good, but also rigorous. The curriculum is detailed and expansive, so managing it got hectic for me. Constantly learning for 12 hours every day is challenging, with all the projects and assignments. But I was always supported by the faculty whom I found to be the best part of my experience.

I remember facing challenges in understanding For loop and While loop in JavaScript at the start. But I booked a 1-on-1 calendly session with my IA and he solved all of my doubts. The faculty make themselves available anytime for students.

Facing similar challenges in understanding JavaScript? Check out these free resources to get started with For loop and While loop. You can also access the JavaScript fundamentals tutorial on the page. Check it out now.

I found them relatable, and they understood how to teach a young person like me. They did not just go on about theory and the complexities of the topic, but actually demonstrated the various functionalities and how to implement them before they detailed the theory.

And I think that is the best way to teach.

What was your most memorable moment at Masai?

My most memorable moment has to be the personal project I made. It was a clone website made of pluralsight.

How was your placement experience with Masai?

At first, it was a little challenging. I had to wait for suitable opportunities to come. But once I got in touch with Divya from the Placement Team, it became a lot smoother. She gave me proper attention to me and I got selected for my second interview itself.

My current company, DeltaX, has a very empathetic work culture. The interview process focused a lot on my technical aspects, but Masai prepared me well for all such scenarios.

How did your parents react when they found out that you got the job?

They didn’t know how to wear their feelings on their sleeves, so it was quiet. I revealed I got a job and though they did not say much, they must have felt relieved. For myself, I felt great knowing all my hard work had paid off.

For nine months, I did not have a job, continuously studying, rigorously practicing, and managing a rigorous schedule. When I finally got the job, I felt so glad that thanks to Masai it had all been worth it.

What would you like to say to the future students of Masai?

Trust in Masai. Do not worry about the curriculum or the duration of time. Masai has a robust curriculum that is in line with what the industry actually wants. Simply dedicate yourself to the curriculum and you’re bound to see results.

They teach you how to code, how to implement, and even show you how to learn from your mistakes. So believe in the curriculum.