Energized Learning and Aspirations: Saurabh's Masai Experience

Today, Saurabh is thriving X-Tention Crew Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Raipur, where his dedication and passion have led to remarkable achievements. His story shows that by never giving up and pursuing dreams, amazing things can happen.

Energized Learning and Aspirations: Saurabh's Masai Experience

From the quaint town of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, Saurabh embarked on an inspiring journey that led him to remarkable success. As an engineering graduate, he ventured into the corporate world for a brief period, seeking his true calling.

Recognizing the need to amplify his skills, he took a leap of faith and joined Masai School. Through rigorous training and a profound learning curve, Saurabh emerged as a software developer par excellence.

Today, Saurabh is thriving X-Tention Crew Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Raipur, where his dedication and passion have led to remarkable achievements. His story shows that by never giving up and pursuing dreams, amazing things can happen. Saurabh's journey is proof that perseverance can transform lives and open doors to endless possibilities.

Discovering Masai

Saurabh came to know about Masai School through his colleagues at his first job. They shared their experiences and told him about this amazing place where they could study and then pay after they got a job.

Saurabh found it really exciting because he came from a family with limited economic resources. Going to a regular institute or consultancy was something he could not afford. He tried to enroll in Masai once but couldn't pass the interview. However, he didn't give up and tried again, and this time he succeeded. This is how Saurabh discovered the wonderful opportunity that Masai School offered him to learn and grow.

Parents’ Reaction

When Saurabh decided to join Masai School, his parents had some concerns about its authenticity. They wanted to make sure it was a reliable and trustworthy place for him to study. Saurabh took their concerns seriously and talked to some alumni and current students of Masai School to get their opinions.

After hearing positive feedback and assurance from others, Saurabh's parents felt more confident about his decision. They gave him their full support and allowed him to pursue his dreams. Saurabh's parents understood the importance of his happiness and growth, and they trusted his judgment.

The Best Thing About Masai

For Saurabh, the best thing about his experience at Masai School was the incredible energy and excitement that surrounded him every day. Unlike other consultancies that demand money upfront and put the entire burden of success on the students, Masai School was different.

Saurabh loved how the focus was on the process of learning and growing, rather than just the end result. He enjoyed every step of the journey, from gaining knowledge to working towards achieving his goals.

What amazed Saurabh the most was that he never felt the need for someone else to motivate him because he was always self-driven and inspired at Masai. It was a place where passion and enthusiasm thrived, making his experience truly remarkable.

Construct Week Experience

Saurabh's Construct Week experience at Masai School was truly transformative. During this time, he had the opportunity to work in teams and understand the strengths and weaknesses of his teammates.

They learned how to collaborate and bring out the best in each other. Saurabh also discovered the importance of working in a structured manner to complete a project successfully.

One valuable skill he gained was using GitHub, a platform that helps manage code and project files. Saurabh became proficient in using GitHub commands, and now he can apply this knowledge effectively in his job. Construct Week taught him valuable lessons about teamwork, structure, and the power of tools like GitHub, setting him up for success in his career.

Placement Experience

Saurabh's placement experience was filled with perseverance and growth. He applied for a total of 60 job roles and was shortlisted for 20 of them. He made it to the second round of interviews and even reached the managerial round for some positions.

However, he realized that there was something missing in his approach, so he decided to explore offline job opportunities as well. That's when he got an interview call from X-Tention Crew Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. Saurabh impressed the interviewers and cracked the interview.

They were so impressed that they were ready to hire him before other candidates. Despite considering more time at Masai, Saurabh decided to accept the job offer on the table. He knew he could always explore other options if the company didn't feel like a good cultural fit.

His parents were overjoyed to see him succeed after witnessing moments when his morale was down. Saurabh had dedicated almost a year to the curriculum at Masai School, and the experience and skills he gained during that time helped him secure the job opportunity.