Data Science Certifications: Enhancing Your Skills and Marketability

Your career in data science and machine learning may get off to a strong start with the help of the Data Science course. Through a demanding curriculum taught by professionals in the field who will mentor you as you advance in your career, you will be industry-ready.

Data Science Certifications


Daily, thousands of individuals are drawn to the field of data science by its appeal and lucrative earning potential. Some may have a specialized background, while others simply participate out of curiosity. Although no degrees or qualifications are required to work in the sector, possessing one will boost your chances of employment.

The first requirement is an enticing portfolio that showcases your talents, experience, and capacity to build strong projects in data science. You may also include credentials to demonstrate that you invested time, money, and work to improve your abilities and become a better-certified data scientist. This article will delve into five globally accredited data science programs that will help enhance your skills and credentials.

Data Science Career Progress: Enhancing Skills Through Certifications

Considering a 28% increase in popularity for data scientists within the past five years, the growing number of data science certifications confirms a data scientist's knowledge and skills. It is a testament to the field's relevance.

However, just as the range of available certificates increases, there is a consequent increase in the significance of choosing ones that complement your present skill set and add future value to your career. Here are five world-renowned and high-rewarding certifications for data science professionals that you must be aware of:

1. Open Certified Data Scientist or Open CDS

The Open CDS offers peer-reviewed, vendor-neutral certification for those using data analysis and statistical approaches to address various business challenges. Given its specifications, it serves similarly to an objective-based evaluation of a data scientist's talents, thus highly appreciated by world-class organizations when examining the capabilities of potential and present personnel.

The Open Certified Data Scientist certification method is distinct in that it does not need particular educational materials or the passage of written tests. Instead, aspirants have to showcase their talents and expertise by various criteria. This is accomplished by producing written proposals and participating in peer-reviewed interviews. The cost of the Open CDS is not accessible to the public on the certification's website.

2. AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certified Machine Learning

This Machine Learning credential is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification program designed for data science or development professionals. It is designed for individuals with at least one year of expertise in managing, building, or architecting machine learning (ML) workloads on the AWS cloud.

Candidates have three hours to finish the exam. There are 65 multiple-response or multiple-choice problems to solve in the examination. The examination can be taken either as an online supervised exam (for global students) or administered at a Pearson VUE examination center. The MLS-C01 Amazon Web Services Certified Machine Learning exam costs $300.

3. SAS Certified Data Scientist

The certification under the SAS Certified Data Scientist provides an advanced accreditation for those who wish to demonstrate their capacity to handle big data using open-source programs and SAS's Data Management. This credential is perfect for those who want to use intricate machine learning algorithms to grasp big data and implement business suggestions.

Candidates of this program must finish three distinct credentials, which means they have to clear three exams: the Data Curation Professional test, the Advanced Analytics Professional test, and the test on AI & Machine Learning Professional. Every Associate Examinations is priced at $120. The cost of sitting for the Predictive Modeler examination is $250. Every other exam costs $180.

4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This is an excellent data science program for those who are relatively new to the field and want to jumpstart their career. The  IBM Data Science Professional Certificate program necessitates that students become proficient in tools which include SQL, Python, data visualization, analysis packages, and Jupyter Notebooks. The course also includes building and analyzing models for machine learning with SciPy and Scikit-learn and implementing the aforementioned methods to real-world datasets.

This program is set on an introductory curriculum that requires no prior expertise. Following the completion of every course in the program on Coursera, the certification is awarded. The curriculum consists of 10 courses that can be finished in roughly five months, assuming you commit ten hours per week. This program is priced at $234.

5. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

This Microsoft-certified program is designed for professionals and data scientists who tackle Azure machine learning and data science projects. The credential confirms your data science expertise and knowledge using Azure MLflow and Machine Learning.

Taking Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure is mandatory for the certification. This test assesses your abilities to plan and develop a solution for machine learning and instruct and execute models. The exam costs approximately USD 165. The precise cost, however, varies depending on the region the exam is invigilated.

To Sum Up

To find the ideal certification for data science, consider factors such as duration, cost, requirements, skills learned, future value, salary expectations, and program reviews, like top data science courses in India. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate, IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, SAS Certified Data Scientist, AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certified Machine Learning, and Open Certified Data Scientist or Open CDS are some of the globally accredited programs in data science. Remember that investing in recognized and well-regarded certifications can increase your marketability and hone your skills for leadership positions and promotions.


Is it tough to become a data scientist?

Completing a data science course/degree might be tough because it requires a strong foundation in computer programming, statistics, and mathematics. On the other hand, the skills and information necessary for success in this field may be obtained by anyone with the correct amount of work and devotion.

What are some of the top data science courses in India?

There are plenty of data science courses available in India. A few accredited global programs even offer a chance to participate. To choose among the best ones, visit us!

Can I learn Python online?

Yes, you can learn Python online without prior experience or programming language knowledge. To do so, click here!

What is the average salary of a data scientist?

The salary of a Data Scientist in India ranges from Rs. 3.7 Lakhs to Rs. 25.0 Lakhs annually, with an average pay of  Rs. 9.2 Lakhs yearly.

Are there any placement-guaranteed data science courses available?

Yes, several data science certification courses guarantee placements. To know more, click here!