Data Science Bootcamps vs. Traditional Degree Programs: Which is Right for You?

This article compares data degrees vs. data bootcamps to help you decide which one could be best for you, whether you're starting out or making a sideways career change.

Data science bootcamp


Have you decided to become a data scientist or analyst? But are you searching for shortcuts and effective ways to acquire the required soft skills and technical knowledge? If this is the case, you are on the right page.

Experts call data science a multidisciplinary approach that requires the knowledge of statistics, AI, math, and data. It involves analyzing and interpreting the collected data to extract important information about a company. But you might be thinking about how to dive into a data science job. You can become a self-taught learner or enroll in boot camps and degree programs.

In either case, you must cover beginner to advanced technical knowledge. Let's break down the pros and cons of data science boot camps and degree courses to come to a better conclusion.

Overview Of Data Science Bootcamps

Imagine being in a virtual classroom with other aspiring data scientists. This is what a boot camp is. Wait, there's more!

Bootcamps are crash courses that provide you with practical, soft, and technical skills. The best part of these data science courses is that they span only a few months, say, 3-4 months. During this duration, you'll sculpt data, get hands-on projects, and have an interactive learning experience. In other words, it prepares students for coding language, machine learning, data visualization, and AI.

Let's examine further benefits of the best coding bootcamps in India as they align with the current education industry trends.

Want to master a programming language in no time like a data enthusiast? If yes, joining a data science boot camp would be great. Perfect for students looking for a data analytics role, this course allows you to work on personal projects under the guidance of experienced professionals.

But hang on; there's an extended list of perks of boot camp programs for data science. Let's explore them here!

1] Teaches Advanced Data Science Skills

Boot camps are those immersive data science courses that help you master one skill at a time. We are talking about high-demand skills across industries. It includes programming languages like SQL, Spark, Python, Hadoop, data visualization, and more. Later, you can use these languages in data collection, analysis, visualization, and statistical analysis.

Though it might seem tough at first, once you're in sync, you'll love to find hidden patterns in raw data.

2] Prepares You For A Job In A Few Months

The most incredible part of coding bootcamps is that they quickly make you job-ready. These programs become your power-up sessions for 3-6 months only. They'll make you a pro in data science by covering a broad spectrum of difficult topics like machine learning. And who doesn't want to ace an interview from an entry-level position?

3] Better ROI Than Traditional Programs

Working with like-minded peers and exchanging ideas and feedback will give you a better return on investment (ROI). Remember not to take it as a casual course, as it can be an opportunity for personal growth. Not only this, data science boot camps can open doors to Senior Data Scientists roles in your dream company.

Pitfalls Of Data Science Bootcamps

While these help you build a solid resume, they also have drawbacks. It will help you decide whether to enroll in a boot camp or a full-time data science course for career growth.

1] Data Science Bootcamps Are Expensive.

A clear picture of course fees and personal project expenses can relieve stress. So, it's equally important to jot down your current monthly income and personal expenses to understand the financial baseline. If you're still concerned about the fees and ROI of these boot camps, remember that scholarships will have your back.

2] No Eye-popping Job Placement Claims

The best coding bootcamps in India claim they'll provide placement drives to their graduates after completion. Some fulfill their promise while others fail to do so. But the average placement rate, according to CIRR, is 71%. This means if every boot camp organizer promises to provide job placements through their program, a great alum network will be available to help you at every step.

Experience Academic Achievements With Traditional Data Science Degree Programs

Traditional data science degree programs don't require a candidate to have a coding background. It is a more focused course of study and a worthwhile investment for students seeking college degrees. Still trying to understand? Read the positives and negatives of degree courses in data science to know if it aligns with your aspirations.

Traditional Data Science Degree Is A Boon

It's an old way of the teaching-learning process. However, these top data science courses in India have always been a boon to students. Here's why!

1] Perfect Option For Learning Enthusiasts

This is the best option if you decide to hold a traditional data science degree from an accredited university. From picking a major to sitting in classrooms with friends, you won't miss anything about college during these programs. Not only will you get exposure to that typical college life, but also you'll create a strong network with data science professionals.

2] Learn From Basics

A data science degree includes machine learning, AI, analytics, deep learning, data mining, applied statistics, etc. This is the most difficult part of the degree, but problem-solving will become your strength once you've learned data analytics with Python.

The Only Major Drawback Of A Data Science Course Degree

Admission to a reputed college providing better job placement rates requires bachelor's programs with a minimum CGPA, admission essays, and letters of recommendation. Once the candidate meets the admission criteria, they'll start a journey spanning the next 2 - 4 years to attain their degree. Undoubtedly, you’ll gain the same skills with intense focus and rigorous study within bootcamps within a shorter time frame.

Here's a quick summary on data science boot camp vs. traditional degree.

Data science bootcamp

Data science degree


Few weeks to months 

Minimum 4 years 






Traditionally Offline (Can be online sometimes)

Skills You'll Learn 

Applied applications and practical 

Theory, basic programming language, and advanced concepts, 

Job placement 

Low placement guarantee 

High placement guarantee 

Winding Up

Now that you know the pros and drawbacks of coding bootcamps and traditional degrees, it's time to choose the best among them. Remember that advanced skills aren't a prerequisite for both options. Also, the curriculum for these can differ. So, before setting job expectations, you must check their course details and past placement reports.


Is a boot camp better than a degree in data science?

A coding boot camp is a short-duration course of 2-4 months. It is a more career-focused course than a 4-year degree course.

Does a data science boot camp certificate have value?

With the help of boot camps, you'll gain job-ready skills necessary for your career growth. Hence, a certificate from these boot camps holds good value.

Which course is better: full stack or data science?

Full-stack developers earn less as compared to data scientists or analysts. However, you choose between the two based on your interest.

Which data scientist job has the highest salary?

Here are some of the data scientist job roles that get high salaries:

  • Business intelligence developer.
  • Business intelligence analyst.
  • Data modeler.
  • Statistician.
  • Data scientist.

How much does the data science boot camp cost?

The total cost of any data science boot camp program lies between $13,500 to $20,000. Some of the priciest courses can extend their certification cost beyond this.