Chidananda chose Masai over MSc to upskill himself and got his dream job

Chidananda Sahu - A Masai graduate now working at Sugar Cosmetics
Chidananda Sahu - A Masai graduate now working at Sugar Cosmetics

Chidananda was born in the Indian state of Orissa. During his school days, he was an average student in academics. But that didn't stop him from pursuing his dreams. Because of his passion for computers, he pursued a BSc in Computer Science.

Unfortunately, a degree was not enough to find him a job. He lacked the necessary skills. So, instead of completing his studies and seeking a MSc, he began exploring other ways to hone his talents.

Chidananda's elder brother's friend, who was an alumnus of Masai, recommended Masai to him while he was looking for a top-tier institute to upskill himself with a full-stack web development course. He joined Masai on the recommendation of his brother. That proved to be a life-changing decision for him.

From struggling to find a job to working at one of the best startups in India, Chidananda has come a long way. His journey had been full of ups and downs.

Recently, he joined us to shed some light on his transformation into a web developer at Masai. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Why did you join Masai instead of pursuing a MSc?

Before joining Masai, I experimented with self-learning through Udemy and Coursera classes. But, because I lacked the necessary discipline, I could never complete those self-paced courses.

So, when I came across the practice-based curriculum at Masai, I knew that this is exactly what I needed. Almost everyone out there needs a guide who can help us navigate through the puzzle of web development. Masai was that guide for me. I also went through the curriculum and it covered everything required to become a web developer. I was very certain that pursuing a MSc would not provide me with any professional experience. As a result, I joined Masai’s Full stack developer program.

I always preferred learning skills over getting a degree. So it was a simple decision.

How difficult was it to study at Masai?

The first unit was simple for me because I was a computer science student. I didn't have any problems at first. As the course went on, I started to have trouble when new technologies were taught and introduced. However, the mentors were supportive throughout the training and patiently answered all our questions.

What projects did you build during Construct Weeks and how have they enhanced your skills?

I could not contribute much while building the project during the first Construct Weeks as that was the first time I was working on a real project and in a team. We were building a clone of the Lifestyle Store website. So, that project brought a lot of learning to me which proved to be critical in the coming weeks.

Going forward, I was able to contribute well to the projects. We had made a clone of during the second Construct Week. In the coming weeks, we worked on the backend part of these projects and created a working website where you could sign in and sign up using a mobile number, order various products and also pay via cards. We mainly used Tech stack like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, nodejs, mongoDB.  

Building these projects has made me a team player, which is a critical requirement to survive in the corporate world. I also learned to respect deadlines and manage my time effectively. Construct Weeks gave us the first-hand experience of building real projects. We got the chance to implement whatever we learned throughout the units.

How was the placement process?

The preparation for the placement begins after we complete the fifth unit. All units are revised, and the fundamentals are clarified. We also practice mock interviews before going on to the real world. The team did an excellent job of preparing us for the placements.

I had gone to Infosys and BITCS for interviews. However, I was not selected, and it demotivated me. I also made it to the final round for some other companies. One of them was Sugar Cosmetics. After going through several rounds they chose me as a full-stack web developer.

The Masai team was there to support us. And that had really helped. Thank you, especially to the placement team for their wonderful assistance.

Why should one not opt for readymade courses available online instead of joining Masai?

First and foremost, no upfront fees is required at Masai. You can learn at Masai by paying nothing and pay only when you start earning 5LPA or more. Whereas for other courses you have to make the full payment first.

Other courses that are out there don't provide any help with questions nor do they conduct live classes. At Masai, you not only have mentors but also Instructional Associates who are there to help you anytime. So there is a huge difference between the readymade courses and Masai.  

Three key learnings from Masai

Chidananda's journey at Masai taught him three crucial lessons that completely changed his life. He first discovered the magic of collaborating: working as a team with others. This increased his enjoyment of studying and accelerated his growth. He also learned the value of communication. He was hesitant and reserved before Masai, but now he can comfortably speak to anyone, including total strangers on the street.

Finally, Masai taught him the importance of not giving up and constantly having faith in oneself. He approached problems with boldness and perseverance, just like a superhero, which helped him succeed as a  full-stack web developer. We are motivated by Chidananda's tale to value collaboration, communication, and self-belief so that we may also realise our aspirations.

Difference between Masai and other institutes

Masai was a life-changing moment for Chidananda, distinguishing it from other institutions and universities. He saw the enormous worth of developing talents rather than just earning degrees.

Skills are highly sought-after in today's economy, and according to Chidananda, they may be very useful in various life scenarios. The focus on real-world tasks and practical skills was one of the distinctive advantages he discovered at Masai.

He was able to gain skills that are applicable to other businesses thanks to this strategy. He thinks that anyone may change careers simply if they have the necessary abilities. Chidananda had access to a platform, thanks to Masai, where he could learn useful skills that have helped him in his career.

What are your plans now?

I want to keep on enhancing the skills I have gained at Masai. After that, I will try to learn new technologies and expand my skill set.

What is your message to the students at Masai?

Chidananda presents a passionate message for everyone considering enrolling in Masai's program. He advises them to try it for only one month since they would discover all the answers to their questions about careers there. Chidananda asserts that Masai possesses the solution to many career-related problems they could be having.

Chidananda agrees that taking action is the only way to find solutions to these issues. They can actively try to improve their career by joining Masai. Chidananda's own experience is evidence of the program's transforming potential.

Stay focused and trust Masai. Complete your assignments on time, as they are important. Just keep working hard and you will achieve your goals.


What motivates you to join Masai?

Masai teaches you how to learn for the rest of your life. Although there are several resources available for learning to code, technology nowadays advances incredibly quickly. You must be able to pick up new languages and stacks as they emerge if you want to survive and succeed in the IT sector.

Does Masai help me get a job?

One of the industries in India that is most in demand and is constantly expanding is software development and data analytics. Masai's internal placements team is committed to helping you start your career. Its experts will assist you with creating your portfolio, CV, digital profile, practice interviews, and even assist with pay negotiations.