Atul, A Visionary Ahead of Time & an Inspirational Trailblazer at Masai

Atul, being resourceful and independent, had been freelancing to pay for his BCA education without burdening his parents. Masai presented him with a remarkable opportunity to continue his studies without having to ask his parents for financial support.

Atul, A Visionary Ahead of Time & an Inspirational Trailblazer at Masai

Discover how Masai's dynamic curriculum, unwavering support, and unique pay-after-placement model set it apart, offering an unparalleled educational experience. Join Atul and embrace the future of learning at Masai.

A tale of ambition and triumph unfolded when we interviewed Atul, SDE-1 at Pococare, who hails from the vibrant city of Patna. Atul diligently pursued various learning avenues, including a YouTube course before he made his way to Masai.

It was an unforeseen encounter with a YouTube ad for Masai that changed his career trajectory. Drawn by the promise of endless possibilities, Atul took the Masai challenge and emerged triumphant.

Today, Atul stands as a testament to the remarkable rewards that await those who dare to dream and persistently pursue their passion.

Discovering Masai

Atul's journey with Masai began during his second year of college.

Recognizing that a college syllabus was old and wouldn't be sufficient to guarantee him a career, he turned to YouTube videos to learn to code. It was during this time that he stumbled upon an ad for Masai, which caught his interest. The idea of pay after placement intrigued him but he also had his fair share of doubts.

Ten days later, he came to know about Masai opening its own offline study center in Patna and organizing an event for the same. Atul attended the event, where he met a few Masai alumni, and had lunch with Yogesh Bhat and Prateek Shukla.

This meeting strengthened his confidence in Masai and he took admission. The amazing development community Masai joined was the aspect about him that stood out the most. This tight-knit community developed into a pillar of support whenever he encountered technological challenges. Their combined knowledge and desire to help make learning simpler for him also helped create a positive environment where collaboration and growth could flourish.

Parents’ Reaction

When Atul made the life-changing decision to join Masai, his parents were unaware of his aspirations in the field of technology. Living in a village, his family had limited knowledge about this field.

In fact, they didn't even know that Atul was pursuing BCA at the time.

Atul, being resourceful and independent, had been freelancing to pay for his BCA education without burdening his parents. Masai presented him with a remarkable opportunity to continue his studies without having to ask his parents for financial support.

With determination and courage, Atul decided to start his new journey at Masai without even informing his parents. His resilience and self-reliance exemplify the power of following one's dreams and paving one's own path to success.

The best thing about Masai

According to Atul, the most striking feature of Masai was the exceptional development community he joined. This close-knit group became a pillar of strength whenever he encountered technical difficulties. Their combined knowledge and desire to assist made his learning process easier, which also helped foster a supportive environment where cooperation and development could flourish.

Additionally, Masai's network of supporters was nothing short of extraordinary. Beyond his expectations, Atul received support from mentors and instructors who were always there to help him with any issues he might have. But what really stuck out for him were the priceless one-on-one conversations. He got specialised instruction that sharpened his abilities and attended to his unique learning demands throughout these individualised sessions.

Atul's educational experience was ultimately anchored by Masai's developer community and strong support network. His experience with the Masai was enlightening and transforming thanks to these components, which also gave him technical know-how and empowered him.

Whether it was technical assistance or even support for mental health, Masai provided a comprehensive network of support for Atul and his fellow classmates. This nurturing environment allowed him to thrive and grow as a developer, making Masai a truly exceptional place for his journey to success.

Construct Week Experience

Atul's Construct Week experience at Masai proved to be a transformative journey. In each Construct Week, he got the opportunity to lead the teams he was a part of.

These experiences taught him valuable skills in managing people and resolving conflicts, both on a personal level as well as on GitHub. Today, these skills are immensely valuable in his current job, where he confidently leads from the front.

Atul takes charge of the front end and oversees the entire development process, end to end.

By tackling real-life problems, such as building popular websites, he gained invaluable experience that prepared him for the challenges he would encounter in the professional world. Atul's Construct Week experiences served as a stepping stone towards his success, empowering him to excel in his chosen field.

Placement Experience

Atul's placement journey was filled with ups and downs, ultimately leading to his remarkable success. In the first round of placement, he secured a data scraping job, becoming the first person in his batch to get placed.

However, a month later, when his company started hiring developers in a different domain, Atul expressed his interest to the CTO for the same role, but unfortunately, his request was not heard. Determined to follow his passion, Atul made the brave decision to leave the company and return to the placement cycle.

However, the tech industry was facing a recession at that time, posing new challenges for Atul. After a few months, he secured an internship on his own at an edu-tech company, where he didn't earn much but gained valuable knowledge and experience. Even though he was then assigned to the curriculum team, Atul decided to leave PhysicsWallah as his true calling was in building products.

His perseverance paid off when he secured a job through Masai. Throughout the process, he sat for interviews with ten different companies, showcasing his determination and drive. In the initial three months after rejoining the placement cycle, Atul aspired to work in an unicorn company. However, as time went on, he faced a crucial decision between pursuing MCA and choosing a job to learn hands-on.

Ultimately, Atul chose the path of practical learning and secured a job, embarking on an inspiring journey of continuous growth and accomplishment. His placement experience serves as a testament to the importance of resilience, adaptability, and making choices aligned with one's aspirations.

Difference Between Masai and colleges and universities

Masai sets itself apart from traditional Indian institutions and universities with various unique characteristics. First off, its curriculum distinguishes itself by being regularly updated to meet industry requirements. This guarantees that students have access to the most recent and pertinent information, preparing them for the constantly changing requirements of the labour market.

In addition, Masai has a strong support network that is unmatched when compared to other colleges. The school goes above and beyond to provide thorough advice and support to students at every stage of their academic journey. This individualised approach promotes a positive learning environment and gives students the tools they need to succeed.

The revolutionary pay-after-placement business model used by Masai is one of its most distinguishing features. Relieving students of their immediate financial obligations enables them to concentrate completely on their studies. They only start paying back once they've found employment, concretely showing Masai's dedication to its students' success and well-being.

As per Atul, Masai's innovative payment mechanism, forward-thinking educational philosophy, dedication to staying abreast of business trends, unshakable support system, and forward-thinking support system all work together to distinguish it as a trailblazing institution in India's educational environment.

Atul's Message to People who want to Join Masai

Masai stands apart from other colleges and universities in India in several significant ways. Unlike traditional institutions, Masai's curriculum is constantly updated to meet industry standards, ensuring students receive the most relevant and up-to-date education.

Additionally, Masai provides a robust support system, offering guidance and assistance to students at every step. What sets Masai apart is its unique pay-after-placement model, allowing students to focus on their education without financial burden until they secure a job.