Aligning Passion and Career: Hurmit's Path to Thriving at Masai

When Hurmit expressed his desire to join Masai School, his parents had understandable concerns and questions. However, Hurmit firmly believed in following his newly found passion for coding and knew he had to go after what he wanted.

Aligning Passion and Career: Hurmit's Path to Thriving at Kapiva

From the small city of Hisar in Haryana, where dreams often revolve around securing government jobs, Hurmit took the bold decision to pursue a career in coding.

While his peers aspired to pass out of 12th standard and pursue a college education with the hope of securing a government job, Hurmit's heart aspired to do something better. Fuelled by a deep passion for coding, he embarked on a self-taught journey through YouTube tutorials.

However, his life changed when he came across a Masai School advertisement on YouTube. After thorough research and determination, he enrolled and successfully cleared MSAT. Today, Hurmit stands as a shining example of how going down unconventional paths can lead to remarkable success, as he proudly works at Kapiva.

Discovering Masai

Hurmit's journey into the exciting world of coding began when a friend introduced him to the possibilities it offered. Starting with YouTube videos, he was captivated by the power of a few lines of code to create amazing things on a computer screen.

As his curiosity grew, he delved deeper into programming and even learned HTML and CSS from online tutorials. Along the way, he encountered ads for programming courses and stumbled upon Masai School.

Intrigued by pay-after-placement, Hurmit enrolled in Masai's full-stack web development course. With determination, he cleared the MSAT, paving the way for a promising future in coding.

Parents’ Reaction

When Hurmit expressed his desire to join Masai School, his parents had understandable concerns and questions. However, Hurmit firmly believed in following his newly found passion for coding and knew he had to go after what he wanted.

He started by convincing his elder brother and addressing his doubts by explaining the "Lookout" period in Unit 1 at Masai. This allowed him to explore Masai's curriculum before committing fully.

With his brother's support, he then spoke to his parents, who recognized his determination and the opportunity Masai offered, including the pay-after-placement option. In the end, Hurmit's parents wholeheartedly embraced his decision, knowing he was pursuing his dreams and building a bright future.

The Best Thing About Masai

The highlight of Hurmit's experience at Masai School was the Construct Week projects. They presented him with an opportunity to apply his knowledge to exciting real-life projects.

The added pressure of mandatory evaluations prepared him for the corporate world's deadlines and expectations. Now, in his job, Hurmit finds it easy to handle pressure thanks to his Masai training. He was inspired by one of Masai’s instructors, Swanand Kadam, who once delivered a lecture from inside a saree shop.

Initially, Hurmit had mixed feelings about the 9-9-6 schedule. But as he went deeper into the curriculum, he recognized its benefits, like developing a routine and waking up early without alarms. In the end, the schedule proved valuable for his career.

Construct Week Experience

Hurmit's journey through Construct Week at Masai was a transformative experience. Working in a virtual environment, his team faced the challenge of combining their individual tasks to create a final project.

Although they encountered difficulties, it was a valuable learning opportunity. These lessons improved Hurmit's ability to manage and collaborate with others in subsequent Construct Week projects. His confidence grew as he formed connections and successfully collaborated on projects.

By the final week, Hurmit's team built an entire website and they did it so well that they came out on top. During interviews, the project became a highlight, showcasing his skills and giving him an edge.

The Construct Week experience taught him the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and perseverance, invaluable skills for success in the real world.

Hurmit's journey through Construct Week at Masai Academy was nothing short of transformative. Immersed in a dynamic virtual environment, Hurmit and his team confronted a formidable challenge during this intensive program: not merely completing individual tasks but seamlessly integrating them to craft a standout final project.

Far from being a smooth journey, it was one marked by encountering their fair share of obstacles and hurdles. Nevertheless, these challenges served as stepping stones for their growth and development, rather than stumbling blocks. Each difficulty presented a unique learning opportunity, teaching Hurmit and his team resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. It was in the crucible of adversity that they honed their abilities to manage time efficiently, communicate effectively, and collaborate seamlessly.

As Construct Week progressed, Hurmit's confidence soared. The bonds formed with his teammates became more robust, and the synergy they achieved was nothing short of remarkable. They seamlessly integrated their individual strengths and skills to create a harmonious team capable of tackling complex projects. Through collaboration, they discovered that the sum of their collective efforts was greater than the individual parts, a powerful lesson that transcended the virtual realm of Construct Week.

By the final week, Hurmit's team had achieved an impressive feat – they had built an entire website from the ground up, and it was nothing short of exceptional. The concrete expression of their hard work, dedication, and the lessons learned along the way was the website they created. Their emergence as frontrunners and the well-deserved recognition and accolades they received were a direct result of their outstanding work, which did not go unnoticed.

The impact of Construct Week extended far beyond the program itself. During job interviews and professional discussions, the project Hurmit and his team had undertaken became a shining star in his portfolio. It not only showcased his technical skills but also demonstrated his ability to work effectively in a team, manage projects, and deliver results under pressure. It gave him a distinct edge in a competitive job market, illustrating that real-world experience and hands-on collaboration are invaluable assets. In retrospect, the Construct Week experience left an indelible mark on Hurmit.

Placement Experience

Hurmit's placement journey at Masai School had its ups and downs, but his determination and perseverance paid off.

Hurmit and a few of his batchmates were allowed to enter the placement cycle a week earlier than the others owing to their remarkable performance throughout the curriculum. But the first week happened to be the last week of the year- a time when a lot of companies prefer to look into their financial records and not hire candidates.

The next week, though, turned out to be a hectic week, full of interviews and assignments from numerous companies.

One of these companies was Kapiva. What caught his attention was that Kapiva provided a package that not only met his expectations but also aligned perfectly with his interest in Ayurveda.

The first interview at Kapiva was followed by a brief period of uncertainty where he didn't hear back from them. However, a few days later he received a call for an HR interview, following which Kapiva hired him.

With Masai's support and his resilience, Hurmit's placement experience proves that commitment to one's goals can lead to success.

Difference Between Masai Different from Colleges and Universities

For Hurmit, Masai School was different from traditional colleges and universities because of the emphasis placed on soft skills. He believes that soft skills are extremely important and can shape one's career trajectory.

According to Humrit, Masai not only teaches technical skills but also nurtures and develops students' soft skills, giving them an edge in the professional world.

It's this unique focus on holistic skill development that sets Masai apart and helps students like Hurmit succeed.

What truly sets Masai apart is its commitment to nurturing individuals who are not only technically adept but also possess the interpersonal and problem-solving skills necessary to excel in their careers. This unique focus on holistic skill development is a hallmark of the Masai experience. It equips students like Hurmit with a competitive edge in the professional world, where the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and adapt to ever-evolving challenges is of paramount importance. In a landscape where success often hinges on more than just technical know-how, Masai's approach ensures that its graduates are well-prepared to stand out and thrive in their respective industries.

Message to current & aspiring students

Hurmit has a strong recommendation for those considering joining Masai School. He believes that Masai provides the necessary skills for both career and life success without asking for any money upfront. He couldn't find a single red flag about Masai because the focus is entirely on the students' success.

At Masai, your success is their priority. So, if you're thinking of becoming a part of the Masai curriculum, Hurmit encourages you to go for it because there's no way things won't work out at Masai. It's a place where your dreams can truly take flight.