Abhay graduates from Masai in secrecy, and surprises his parents with a job as a Developer

Abhay graduates from Masai in secrecy, and surprises his parents with a job as a Developer

Abhay was born in Amravati district of Maharashtra. His father is a teacher and his mother is a housewife. 

After completing his graduation in electrical engineering, he became a financial advisor with Motilal Oswal to change his career path! But, he was destined to become a software engineer. 

After discovering about Masai School’s 9-9-6 curriculum and ISA programme, Abhay joined Masai School in April 2020 and became a software engineer in just 30 weeks!

In our recent conversation with him, Abhay is very crisp and straightforward with his answers, unlike the trajectory of his career which saw many ups and downs.  

What are your academic qualifications?

I completed my B.E. in Electrical Engineering in November 2020. 

When did you discover Masai School?

After completing my graduation I was working with Motilal Oswal as a financial advisor. I worked there for two and a half months. I tested positive meanwhile and I left that job. I saw an ad for Masai School at that time. That is how I came to know about Masai School.

What made you explore more about Masai School after seeing that advertisement? 

I found ISA and 9-9-6 curriculum very interesting because I had been into a military school in 11th and 12th standard. I joined Masai School in April 2021.

Why did you quit your job?

I did not enjoy what I was doing and used to earn hardly 10000/month. 

As a teacher, what did your father think of Masai School?

To be honest, I did not tell my father anything till I got placed. I had just told him that I am doing a course. I stayed away from home, for six months, till I got placed. 

Were you doubtful about the claims made by Masai School?

Yes, I was doubtful initially. But, within one week after looking at the hard work of the mentors and the schedule, my all doubts were cleared. Everything is so well managed at Masai School which brings trust. 

Did you find it difficult to cope with everything at Masai School since you are not from a computer background?

Initially, it was difficult for me to manage everything. But, as the curriculum progressed, I gained confidence and developed a positive mindset.

What challenges did you face when you joined Masai School?

The first week was very easy for me as I am a quick learner. But, as time passed it got a bit difficult because of the assignments. I was not able to complete assignments. After being frustrated because of assignments, one day I decided to give one last try to complete an assignment that was pending. I had decided that if I would not be able to solve it, I will leave coding altogether. That day, I solved that assignment in just three hours and that bought my confidence back. After that, I did not face any difficulties. 

How are the instructors?

They are very smart. They simplify everything and teaches from the ground level. Even if you are not from a computer background, you will easily understand everything.

What do you like the most about Masai School?

I like its 9-9-6 curriculum. It shapes you strongly and teaches you discipline. 

How was your placement process?

It was pretty smooth. Seven students from my batch are placed in Ola Electrics. That is great. Interestingly, even though I do not have a good grip over Java, I have been selected for the same because of the brand of Masai School. It shows how trustworthy Masai School and its teaching methods are, not just for potential students but for employers too. 

Also, I was afraid that I will be asked about my frequent career change. But, thankfully no interviewer asked me anything remotely related to my academics and career path. They only look for your ability to solve the problem and technical skills. 

What was your parents’ reaction when you told them that you got placed?

They were so proud and happy for me. They always had this feeling that I would definitely do something. 

What are your future plans?

I have plans to work hard and climb the ladder. I have joined as a Java developer and will work to master it. 

What is your advice to Masai students?

Follow the schedule properly and complete your assignments regularly. Dedicate just six months and you will have an edge over others.