7 Reasons why companies hire Masai graduates

A survey report by Indeed stated that 80% of the companies have already hired Bootcamp graduates and after witnessing their work rate and growth, 99.8% of them admitted that they would hire again.

7 Reasons why companies hire Masai graduates

The current state of Education in India tells a sad story. Millions of students graduate every year from colleges, but a majority of them remain jobless. This mainly boils down to the lack of skill-based practical learning, outdated syllabuses and archaic methods of teaching. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of vacant jobs awaiting the right skilled candidates. 

To address this problem between skilling and employment, bootcamps like Masai School have emerged with a primary focus on outcome-based education and skill development.

Masai itself has become a hub for thousands of students to get skilled, and for hundreds of tech companies to hire these skilled professionals easily.

(Prateek, CEO Masai School, shared an interesting story of two unicorns fighting for a Masai graduate)

“But, why exactly are these companies chasing Masai graduates?”. In this blog we list down 7 reasons why – 

Practical skills over theoretical skills

We all know how out of date syllabuses are in college. There have been instances where students have graduated as CS engineers without having written a single line of code. They come out with little to no practical experience.

However, that’s not the case at Masai. Students do more than 1000 hours of coding during the 7 month program.

In the IWY sessions, they first watch their instructors solve a particular problem, and then solve it independently, following the same process. (Click here to know in depth about the IWY method of teaching)

They work on assignments everyday which gives them enough practice to be proficient at their hard/technical skills.

At the end of every unit, students take part in the Construct weeks where they build team-based projects. The teams start with developing front-end and back-end projects in the first two units and then go on to develop full stack websites as the curriculum moves forward.

They build 6-7 projects in just 7 months, and that adds a huge value to their portfolio by the time companies arrive for placements.

Masai Graduates have strong hold on Fundamentals 

Students learning programming fundamentals on their laptops

At Masai, it’s not just about somehow passing the units. Advanced teaching strategies like Mastery-based progression ensure that students have their fundamentals sorted for every concept down to the last atom.

Unlike colleges where rote memorization might help you pass the semester and secure a degree, Masai evaluates students based on different parameters before they advance to the next unit.

During the program, they develop new ways to learn things using their imagination and aptitude.

Companies are in dire need of such people who can adapt to new frameworks quickly with the help of core fundamentals.

Lesser/ No training required

Several companies like Infosys, TCS, etc. have comprehensive training programs lasting 6 months before freshers are ready to contribute to projects.

Whereas, graduates from Masai hired for entry-level developer roles are ready to plug and play from the get go. Owing to the all-around quality training in the bootcamp, students come out as industry-ready developers.

They start working on projects from the first few weeks themselves, making it a lot easier for companies to manage resources and get them used to the work culture.

Masai Graduates are hustlers

Learning Full Stack Web Development in 7 months is no easy feat. Students get to experience a rigorous 9-9-6 schedule (9 AM – 9 PM, Mon-Sat) at Masai. Oftentimes, they have to stretch beyond their limits, overcome different challenges in order to learn all the technical concepts in programming.

This develops a hustler’s attitude in them and expands their potential.

This quality is a big plus for many tech startups that are going through their growth phase.

They need people who can put in extra effort for fast-paced growth. Thus, it’s a perfect match for them.

Hiring Masai graduates allows them to add someone who has persevered through mistakes with a learning mindset, and is ready to innovate on new challenges every day. (Here are 11 unicorn startups that hire from Masai School)

Soft skills

One thing that is detrimental to success in today’s work environment – Soft Skills. Communication skills, presentation skills, social awareness, empathy, etc. build up the soft skill quotient in candidates.

Our traditional education system doesn’t focus much in this direction.  

But the reality is-  You need these skills to survive in today’s collaborative and professional workspaces.

Although Masai is a coding school, we still put in a lot of effort on the personality development of students.

We have the Utter program in place for people who struggle with English speaking and self-presentation in general.

Higher acceptance of offer letters

Companies today are concerned with the rise of a new phenomenon i.e. Offer Shopping

Offer shopping is when candidates apply for a job in X company and then they show this offer in another Y company to get them to match the offer.

There’s also an increase in the attrition rate i.e. new employees leaving the workplace after short durations and hopping from one job to another.

As a result, companies end up overspending on both resources and time. That’s why they’re cautious while rolling out job offers.

However, having a proper placement system at Masai ensures that no job shopping occurs on the students’ side. This turns out to be a big advantage for companies today in hiring Masai graduates. 

Better Investment for Companies

Companies are ready to make investments in these students, calculating what they’re going to do in the next 5 months- or the next 5 years down the road. Bootcampers are high growth prospects in the true sense of the word.

Companies have to spend fewer resources in order to onboard them, provide way less training as we discussed earlier, and they can expect innovative solutions from these grads.

A survey report by Indeed stated that 80% of the companies have already hired Bootcamp graduates and after witnessing their work rate and growth, 99.8% of them admitted that they would hire again.


Because of all the above factors combined, big companies and unicorn startups select students from Masai for Software Developer roles. They prioritise skills over college degrees and find no issue in hiring students even from non-tech backgrounds like Commerce or Arts.

Watch Madhuri talk about her amazing journey.

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