6 ways to make the best out of Masai

6 ways to make the best out of Masai
6 ways to make the best out of Masai


When someone hears that Masai doesn't take any money from students unless they earn more than 5 LPA, they are left bewildered. So surprised are they at this revelation that many say it cannot be true. However, as our alumni success stories would have you believe, it’s all too real.

More than one thousand students have been successful in their careers as software engineers as a result of the guidance provided by Masai's mentors, who are experienced industry professionals with decades of experience.

Masai gives you the best resources in the business, be it the most up-to-date curriculum in tune with industry demands or having that extra help in the form of Instructional Associates. If students are willing to work hard to learn and grow, Masai would meet you every step of the way.  

Here are some things students should know before starting this amazing Masai journey.

Practice-Based Learning

Masai takes great pride in its practice-based learning. This may seem like a tough way to learn, but our many alumni stories depict that it is the key to a healthy and successful career in the field of programming. But what is practice-based learning?

Students at Masai are not merely taught theory and expected to apply it on their own time; rather, place a strong emphasis on learning through practice. They are required to put what they have learned into practice on the same day at Masai. There are many assignments associated with each topic after every live session.

If practice-based learning is encouraged, students will be better able to apply what they learn. Throughout their training, they use a thoughtful and reflective approach, combining theoretical principles. The Masai team ensures that students not only understand the theory but also understand how it can be applied in the actual world.

This prepares students to become self-sufficient professionals who are capable of developing, measuring, redesigning, and expanding their own practices over the course of their careers.

Group presentation during Masai course

Timely Assignments

At times Masai students may want to procrastinate, or not solve assignments, and deem them "not important", but one of the fundamental ways to succeed in learning would be to be proactive in solving the assignments. Assignments help you practice what you've learned, therefore strengthening your concepts. During the curriculum, every student learns how to not only complete their assignments but also make sure they meet their deadlines.

Through the extensive practice-based curriculum, students are encouraged to put the knowledge and skills they've learned to the test in the form of daily assignments; both individual and group. Masai focuses on Mastery based progression. As a result, the student conquers each step of the learning ladder before moving to the next. And this is where assignments come into play. Not only would you develop confidence in your own abilities as you work your mental muscles, but assignments are the rubric through which your competency across the various topics would be assessed.

One shared trait amongst underperforming students at Masai is a tendency to delay assignments or skip them altogether. Instead, tackle them with fervour as they're the building blocks of a fruitful career in coding.

Creating an online presence

During an interview with one of Masai’s hiring partners, Anirban from Urban Piper, he highlighted that he no longer has to review candidate resumes. He only needs to look at the candidate's GitHub profile to determine whether they have the necessary skills.

That is why having an online presence is essential. You don't have to sit in front of an interviewer and talk about all of your skills; instead, show them the work you've done, which will leave a mark on the interviewer. As a result, all Masai students are required to create their GitHub and LinkedIn profiles in order to pass the MAC (Masai Accreditation Process), which is a critical indicator for all students to be eligible to sit for placements.

GitHub and LinkedIn are the two most significant social networking platforms for developers. LinkedIn is an excellent site to network with individuals in your field. Because of its wide reach in the professional world, you can find all the important stakeholders on LinkedIn. It is a place where users can contact representatives from various companies and share insights or connect to be abreast with new information.

GitHub is a software development platform that enables developers to create repositories, collaborate, comment, network, and rate each other's work. GitHub is a must-have for every Masai student.

Take part in electives

There are always students that want to learn more, and we believe ‌skills are extremely important at Masai. Aside from the usual curriculum, we offer courses to help students develop unique skill sets. These are called Electives; intriguing subjects that students can pick according to their own interests.

While electives remain an optional choice with each unit, those interested in widening their horizons and gaining deeper insight into relevant topics would find this a lucrative opportunity.

The diversity of topics ranging from Bit manipulation and Number Theory to Abstract Binary Research has been chosen carefully based on industry requirements. So students can rest assured that each elective chosen would get them closer to being the software developer of their dreams.

The relevant lecture content, contests, and notes are made available as soon as one enrolls on the course platform. And students can feel free to go through these at their own pace.

The 5-level support system at Masai

To ensure the well-rounded development of every student who becomes part of the Masai tribe, we implement a nuanced 5-level support system. Our students become not only effective coders but learn essential communication and soft skills to emerge as their best professional selves. The Masai curriculum is made so that it works for all students, no matter where they came from.

We make certain every student receives an equal measure of attention and support. This is where the 5 pillars come in. These five pillars provide Masai students with all of the assistance they require throughout their time at Masai. For example, if a student is having difficulty grasping certain concepts, they can seek assistance from Instructional associates, who are allocated to each student at the start of Unit-1.

5 level support system at Masai
5 level support system at Masai

During the 30-week curriculum, our students not only learn to code but also focus on other skill sets such as communication and soft skills. Aside from technical skills, there are soft skills such as effective communication and expressing thoughts and ideas which requires a great deal of attention and assistance because each individual has a unique learning curve.

Students at Masai are trusted to learn on their own, but we at Masai know that learning a new skill is hard and will need a lot of help, which students will get at every step at Masai.


Masai has over 1000+ alumni and students, which implies that there’s a large community of individuals who have already started their careers in the tech industry and have been working for a long time. When a student is starting out in their new profession, they always need mentors and industry insights from people who are currently in the industry, and what better mentor than someone who has been through the journey?

This community makes sure that ‌every student receives prompt assistance. The course offered by Masai helps students enhance their technical and interpersonal skills, which is beneficial for their future professions.

Students' interpersonal abilities are improved by activities such as peer-to-peer learning, taking part in group projects, skillathons, and completing construct week projects. Students collaborate in groups on a single project in order to improve their ability to effectively interact with one another.

Masai is committed to ensuring that students receive all possible support from the Alumni community and the Masai team. There are various channels, such as Slack and Discord, where current students can engage with Alumni and current batch mates. They can use these options to ask ‌questions or clear up any doubts they might have had.


The only way for a student to get the most out of Masai is if they are determined to become a software developer. Integrity is one of the most important things for all Masai students to learn. It shows that you can be trusted, that you are valuable, and that you want to learn.

The instructors and the rest of the Masai team will be there for you every step of the way, and the curriculum is well-organized and precise. The Masai curriculum is always being updated to meet the needs of the industry, and student feedback is given a lot of weight. Make the most of these seven months by making friends, asking questions, and talking to your instructors. This is the place where students can make mistakes and learn from them right away.