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Why Learn JavaScript?

Introduction to JavaScript

Why Learn JavaScript?

Hello World Program in JavaScript


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Why Learn JavaScript?

By Mukul Latiyan

Updated on : 14 Oct 2022

4 mins read

Published on : 14 Oct 2022

In the last article, we learned about the introduction of JavaScript programming language and we also introduced the language as the most popular programming language.

Apart from being the most popular language, there are various reasons why people should learn JavaScript. Let's explore some of them in this article.

  • Beginner-Friendly Language

    Unlike other programming languages, you can directly run JavaScript code on web browsers. You can directly jump into writing code without worrying about setting up the environment first.

    This makes starting JS so much easier, especially for beginners who are learning JavaScript as their first programming language.

    Also, JavaScript provides straightforward syntaxes that are easy to grasp for beginners.
  • JavaScript is a Versatile Language

    JavaScript-based frameworks like Node, React, Angular, React-Native, and so on makes the language so versatile that you can build a complete application by just using JavaScript.

    Not only that, you can build desktop, web, and mobile applications by only using JS.
  • Most Popular Programming Language

    Yes, it is the world's most popular programming language and by a significant margin. There are many reasons that contribute to its popularity.

    According to the latest survey by StackOverFlow, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world for the tenth year in a row.
  • High Demand in Job Market

    Being the most popular programming language, JavaScript developers are always in huge demand and it's increasing every month.

    Not only that, JS developers are among the top paid professionals in the current job market.
  • Huge Community and Support

    When working with JavaScript, even if you are creating small web applications, chances are that someone might have done the same, or something similar.

    You can take help from different JavaScript communities of developers and enthusiasts. The community can offer small solutions to different approaches to doing the same thing.

Popular JavaScript Communities:
  • Reddit Community:
  • Community:

Applications of JavaScript

Besides the reasons mentioned above, there are various applications of JavaScript due to which it has become the most desirable programming language which everyone should learn.
  • Web Applications

    As mentioned earlier, JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and Node can be used to create full-fledged web applications.

    In fact, popular applications like Microsoft Edge, Google Maps, and Uber are also built using JavaScript.
  • Web Development

    From the early days, JavaScript was introduced to create web pages. It provides simple ways to add dynamic behaviors and special effects to the webpage.

    For instance, the ability to load the content of a webpage without the need to reload the entire page, form validations, change page behaviors during button clicks, and so on.

    With the help of JavaScript, we can even enable the user to load content into a document without them having to reload the entire page as well. Validations are one of the other important features that JavaScript provides us.

    Many of the biggest tech companies make use of JavaScript to enhance the user experience even today.
  • Web Servers

    With the introduction of Node.js, JavaScript developers now can create web servers from the ground up and take control of them.

    If you don't know, servers are everywhere in today's web development world and allow you to transfer chunks of data without buffering.

    JavaScript now being able to run outside the browser, via Node.js. It gives the developers the privilege to create web servers and take control of them. With Node.js, we can create servers from the ground up, and it's all JavaScript
  • Game Development

    Yes, JavaScript can even create Games, and it's this versatile nature of JavaScript that makes it so much popular.

    JavaScript can be combined with HTML5, and they together play a very important role in game development using JavaScript. There are different JavaScript libraries present that can be used to develop Games in JavaScript. Some of the famous games built using JavaScript are OpenHog, CrossCode, Tower Building, etc.
  • Mobile Applications

    We can even use JavaScript to create mobile applications, and one of the most popular frameworks to do the same is React Native, which allows you to build cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Art

    Don't be surprised seeing this point here as JavaScript does help in creating arts via Canvas elements. Creators can even draw and create 2D and 3D graphics by using the graphics on a web page.

    This is one of those applications that not everyone knows about, but JavaScript excels when it comes to creating arts via Canvas elements, as by making use of graphics on a web page, the creators can draw and create 2D and 3D graphics.


In this article we have covered the overall reasons why people should learn JavaScript. All these advantages and applications make JavaScript the hot programming language in 2022 that everyone should learn.

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