Masai Success Stories

Even though I had the passion to be a developer all along, Masai gave me the framework and the support to crack it at a product level within 6 months!

Frontend Engineer at

Masai has taught me the importance of discipline, honesty, adaptability, and joy in learning - thank you for all the support!

Sagar Kailas Kadu
Software Engineer at

A place where I learned how to learn & enjoy the process - Masai taught me skills which has helped me land a job with 10x salary!

Arunabh Singh
Software Engineer at

The path was not easy, but I never gave up - thanks to incredible support from the Masai team!

Mohamed Hassan
Software Engineer at

Masai is a life-changing experience - learned how to learn new things rather than being spoon fed!

Deepanshu Prajapati
Software Developer at

Whole hearted dedication to the Masai curriculum for 24 weeks & I landed my dream job!

Ajay Paudel
Frontend Engineer at

Masai taught me the value of discipline and continuously helped me put efforts in right direction

Krishna Kant Sharma
Software Engineer at

From having to drop out of school in Class 5, to being a Software Engineer today - Masai has made my dream come true!

Mohamed Tanveer
Software Engineer at

Even Hard work under guidance by Masai, led to a developer role at a product company despite a non-cs background within 6 months!

Piyush Saudagare
Software Engineer at

If you are planning to go for a full stack development course, just go for Masai. Their course provided me with thorough knowledge of each and every aspect.

Rohit Kumar
Software Engineer at

From being a CS Engineer who couldn't write a single line of code to landing a Software Engineer job in my first attempt after Masai School - I have had a dream run!

Madhu kumari
Software Engineer at

The holistic learning structure at Masai has helped me fit - technically, attitudinally & culturally - into one of the hottest tech startups in the country

Sachin CV
Software Engineer at

1200+ hours of coding, 14 projects, dozens of hackerrank problems & quizzes over 6 months culminated in a reward - a developer role in the fintech space with a fast growing startup!

Software Engineer at

Spent lakhs of rupees on college and coaching fees and 4 years later still unemployable as an engineer Masai helped me turn that around in 6 months

Hrishabh Dubey
Software Engineer at

M-Motivation, A- Attitude
S-Self Confidence
A- Adaptability
and l-Intelligence
are the five keys to be successful and the same defines MASAI.

Rahul Pandey
Software Engineer at

In India, one can get the title of engineer but becoming a Developer is another story! Thanks to Masai School where! learned how to approach problems, not just in tech but life.

Anuj Choudhary
Software Engineer at

Even after graduating with a CS degree l had doubts about my technical skills but Masai with their intensive program helped me improve my skills and gain confidence in myself.

Aalind Sharma
Software Engineer at

Masai provided hands-on experience in a structured format that helped me understand the real life usability of coding!

Harshit Gakhar
Software Engineer at

Two ethos of Masai school: Trust and Transparency

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