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Reading Exercise 6a

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Reading Exercise 6a

Updated on : 15 Feb 2023

2 mins read

Published on : 15 Feb 2023

George and Mr. Green In the Time Machine

Once there was a little boy, George Harper, who was living with his Uncle, Johnny, and his aunt, Nancy after his parents went missing.
George's father Henry and his mother, Jean, were geologists and never returned from an adventurous expedition trip and were believed to be dead.
Little Harper was loved a lot by his uncle Johnny as he and Nancy had no child, so Johnny always took good care of George as his own son but yet his aunt Nancy never liked him.
Nancy always had an argument with Johnny sending him to boarding school, but Johnny never listened to her.
George was very shy and barely used to talking with anybody.
But he had a friend from his neighborhood, Grace Green the daughter of a renowned and weird physics professor.
Mr. Green was a weird man and wanted to build a time machine.
After doing his day job as a head lecturer in the famous city university, he spends his whole night doing weird experiments in his home laboratory.
The neighborhood of Mr. Green was fed up with watching every night colored-flashy lights and smoke coming from his house.
His weird experiments were the main reason that let Mr. Green's wife Rebecca, leave him and started living with her parents, but Grace decided to live with his dad.
But George was very fond of watching the colored lights coming from Mr. Green's house.
He was the only person whom Mr. Green had allowed to enter his house and even his laboratory as George never doubted Mr. Green's ambitions.
He used to ask many questions related to their experiments.
Very happily, Mr. Green used to answer every question curious George and had told George about his secret time machine project on which he was working for many years.
Mr. Green had also promised little George that one day soon he will take him to his parents in his time machine.
Then one day the whole neighborhood gathered after Mr. Green's house.
Everyone was shocked to see the house of Mr. Green missing its place along with Mr. Green, Grace, and little George.

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