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Reading Exercise 5a

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Reading Exercise 5a

Updated on : 15 Feb 2023

2 mins read

Published on : 15 Feb 2023

The Graveyard Guy
Alex was on a long road trip outside the city to reach his project site.
Later, on the way his car got a breakdown, he tried hard but couldn't restart the car.
But soon a young man with a peaceful grin on his face knocked on his car window and said,
"Brother do you need any help"
Alex was first got surprised to see the young man suddenly appearing from nowhere in the dark lonely road.
But he promptly said "yes, yes, please help", and elaborated on his situation that he is getting late to reach somewhere where his presence is very crucial.
The young man smiled and said,
"Some years back, he also got late in reaching a place, but now he always reaches everywhere in time as he reached here to help him"
Alex giggled but found the words of that man a little strange.
Soon the sweet, but the strange man opened the car bonnet and started repairing it.
Alex couldn't see him, but he started talking to him.
Alex said that he is very kind, and no one helps a stranger these days and then asked what he was doing there alone at night, Is he works or lives somewhere nearby, and what his name is?
The man didn't answer anything and just asked Alex to restart the car.
Soon the car got started, but Alex found something strange, the car's bonnet was yet opened.
Alex got down from the car to at least say thank you to the young stranger for his kind help but he found no one outside.
Alex already had gotten so late for the meeting at the site that he didn't even care much about the young stranger and left the place.
The next day when he was returning back home, he got shocked and was frightened to see the place where his car had broken down had nothing except a graveyard.

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