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Reading Exercise 4a

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Reading Exercise 4a

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Reading Exercise 4a

Updated on : 15 Feb 2023

3 mins read

Published on : 15 Feb 2023

Little Lilly was so upset after the loss of Pluto, her beloved pet dog.
She was missing him so much, and in grief, she didn't even come for the dinner and went to sleep without eating.
But later at midnight, something very strange happened, Lilly got up after hearing a loud, peculiar sound.
She soon got shocked to hear the bark of Pluto coming from her wardrobe.
She slowly approached the wardrobe in fear.
Now the barking has stopped.
With her trembling little hands, Lilly opened the wardrobe.
The bark of Pluto had started again.
Soon afterward, she heard a strange voice, "Don't be scared, Lilly it's me your friend Pluto".
"Please just come inside the wardrobe. We will have lots of fun together," the voice said
Lilly got shocked to hear all this and asked in her trembling voice;
"Are you the ghost of Pluto and how can you speak?".
"I really don't know what I am, just trust me and come inside the wardrobe and close it from the inside, then you can see me", the voice replied.
Somehow, Lilly dared and came inside the wardrobe.
As soon as she closed the doors, she found herself in a completely different world where everything was extremely beautiful and made of colors that she had never seen before.
"Am I in heaven!", Lilly exclaimed.
"Maybe, but we call it the good world", a young boy standing behind her replied.
"Who are you now? ", Lilly asked.
"I am Pluto, my dear Lilly", the boy replied.
"How you can be my Pluto? He was a dog", she asked.
"No, it is really me, right now I'm a boy so that I can talk to you as you know dogs just bark, they can't talk", the boy replied with a heavenly smile on his face.
But Lilly was yet not convinced.
She said, "I won't believe it, If you are Pluto then tell me what was his favorite playing toy?".
"Its toilet papers my favorite", Pluto replied.
"Oh my god! It's truly you Pluto, my Pluto", Lilly exclaimed with excitement.
"Now you know", Pluto replied, "Let me take you to a special place, come with me".
Lilly started following him, but soon got stopped.
"I know it's you my Pluto, but yet I'm missing my real Pluto, my dog", said Lilly.
"Oh!, so I need to turn into a dog again, ok, just put your hands on your eyes, cause I'm feeling a little shy doing it", said Pluto.
"I've closed my eyes, Can I see you now? ", just after a while Lilly asked.
"No, wait, it's happening", Pluto replied, but this time with a strange dog kind of voice. 
"I can't wait for more, can I open my eyes now", Lilly was barely holding herself from looking.
"Lilly baby got up, you are late for school", Lilly heard her mom's voice and promptly opened her eyes but found herself on her bed.
"Was this all a dream?", she asked herself.
Lilly got up and went inside the wardrobe and closed it again, but this time nothing happened.
"So it was all an amazing dream", Lilly said to herself in a sad voice, she closed the wardrobe and was leaving the room.
But soon the wardrobe got opened itself and a toilet paper roll dropped with a written message-"Tonight".
Lilly smiled.

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