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Reading Exercise 49

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Reading Exercise 49

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Reading Exercise 49

Updated on : 20 Feb 2023

Published on : 20 Feb 2023

Mind Management

Mind management is a way to control one's mind. To do this, we need to be cautious about our thinking process and also need a high level of understanding and meditation as well. Understanding is wisdom -- 80 percent of people are knowledgeable, while 20 percent are wise. Knowledgeable men take sides without reason. They feel sad seeing deprived people but jealous when they see happy people. They work under the guidance of others' inspiration and take unnecessary responsibility to keep themselves disturbed.
A wise person does not stand for or against any idea without a concrete reason. He works according to the situation and capacity. He looks at everything intellectually. To him, failure is a stepping stone to future success. So depression and conflict are not seen. Like the phrase 'Stop, Look, Go', first one should see, and this needs patience. Meditation is necessary to control and manage mind which then becomes an easy task.
Unless we control or manage our minds, it is difficult to achieve success and peace. Psychologists say every interest is first born in the mind as a seed. Then it continues to grow. Later it takes its real form which everybody can see. The interest that first appears in the mind remains weak for the first three minutes and it becomes strong within the next five minutes. All the negative aspects should be deleted within the first three minutes. If not taken out, they would become stronger later and you can never throw them out. After taking control over the mind, we can control passion, interest, and unrest. Mind management is essential for a peaceful, successful, and healthy life.
The age of computers has thrown us on the escalator of aspirations but has robbed us of simple charms like falling asleep. The compulsions of hectic schedules burden the mind and cause stress. However, the joys that elude us can be regained by practising power meditation. It creates tranquillity, simplifies life, and cleanses the mind. It helps control indolence, ego, and anger and builds confidence and patience. With power meditation, negative thoughts get dissipated and a sense of happiness is achieved.

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