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By Masai School - EFM

Updated on : 11 Apr 2023

3 mins read

Published on : 11 Apr 2023

Getting Started Guide
Welcome to EFM!
No Matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined by 5% of your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experience, and 80% by your communication skills.
The EFM goal is to build your English fluency for employability. 
Whether you're from a vernacular background or your English fluency needs improvement, the EFM program can help you to acquire this power skill to # achieve your potential. 
It doesn't matter where you are coming from, all that matters is where you are going and what efforts you are putting in to get there... 
You cannot learn communication skills overnight, it is a long journey, and a marathon key is to pace it. Hence,  we have put together a Marathon plan for you.
50 days | 50 Sprints | 100 minutes per sprint |
5000 minutes is your total Commitment to building your Fluency
How do I run this marathon?
The key is to pace it out, i.e., one sprint a day! Investment of 100 minutes per day 
Let's Get Started 
Before you start, your success in this program is directly proportional to 3 D's 
Your Desire, Determination, and Deliberate practice 
The communication process has 5 major components 
Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking | Grammar 
Your daily sprints are divided into the following sections:
Daily catch up Video
Listening Exercise
Reading Exercise
Writing Exercise
Speaking Exercise
Grammar Exercise
Daily Sprint Catch up
In this section, the learner watches bite-sized learning modules on a specific topic. Through this video connect, we want to help individuals to stay on track with a regular ounce of motivation and inspiration talks. 
#1. Listening Exercise:
God has given us two ears and one mouth, it is a constant reminder we need to listen twice to what we say. Listening is receiving and responding to spoken and unspoken messages.  Here, the learner watches a video / listens to a podcast. You need to pay 100 percent attention to the video, as you will be doing an exercise later. 
How you will approach Reading skills in EFM Journey
Suggestion- Stay Focused! Listen to what is being said and how it is being said. Taking down notes will help you comprehend better.
#2. Reading Exercise:
Reading helps develop the mind and discover things. Reading is a cognitive process of decoding symbols to derive meaning from them. Reading is power. Learning to read faster, more accurately, and with greater comprehension is a skill that you need in today's competitive world. 
How you will approach Reading skills in EFM Journey
You will be provided with a short story or a blog link in each sprint, which you have read in detail
Suggestion- If you do not know the meaning of any word then Google the meaning of the word and move ahead
#3. Writing Exercise:
Workplace writing skills are essential for all employees in today's business environment. Post covid remote work / hybrid work has become a norm. The bulk of the communication is conducted in written form, and you need to be well versed in this skill. Writing skills is a reflection of Professionalism &  a reflection of your  company's and your brand. 
How you will approach Writing skills in EFM Journey
In this part of EFM,  you will be required to summarise the entire content provided in the listening exercise of the respective sprint , you have to click on start after clicking on typing exercise and then at last you will have to click on submit
Suggestion: Try to keep the sentences very short, and don't forget to use the punctuation while writing.
#4.  Speaking Exercise 
You can't take speaking skills lightly, no matter how talented you are. If you speak with conviction and passion, it will help the audience relate to you, believe in you, and remember you. There are three main aspects of effective speaking - Vocabulary | Voice | Non Verbal 
How you will approach Speaking skills in EFM Journey
Speaking Exercise 1: 
Most of us feel uncomfortable singing songs in front of others, especially if they are in English. In the speaking exercise, you will have to sing along with the lyrics, which will be shown in the video, listen to the pronunciation, read the word properly, and go with the flow.
Suggestion- Don't hesitate and sing, also, if you like the song you can dance too
You will have to do a 3 minute zoom recording and upload it on your drive.
Also, you will have to rename the folder in the below format:
" 21/07/2022 Speaking Exercise "
This exercise will be helpful in building your fluency while speaking English and perseverance
Tips for Zoom Marathon Challenge:
  • Block your calendar, every day at the same time (routine, rhythm, and consistency)
  • Take care of Zoom infrastructure ( light, camera, voice quality)
  • Cover a variety of topics - Coding, DSA, General topics)
  • Each Video submitted should be more than 3 minutes and max 5 minutes 
  • Your first video should be around self-introduction, (Name, educational background, location, why you choose EFM -(English Fluency Marathon Course), your interests, your goals, etc )
Grammar is the system of a language. People sometimes describe grammar as the "rules" of a language; do we need to study grammar to learn a language? The short answer is "no." "But grammar can help you learn a language more quickly and more efficiently.". So think of grammar as something good, something positive, something that you can use to find your way---like a signpost or a map.
There are certain rules that we have to follow while speaking English, like using the correct form of verbs or using the correct form of the tenses. This part will help you to develop command on correct English Language
How you will approach Grammar  in EFM Journey
Suggestion- Learn the rules and implement by speaking at least 5 sentences based on the rules learnt
Please do not attempt to do multiple sprints in a day, the objective is to pace the marathon for maximum learning, absorption, and implementation.

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