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Program Structure

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Program Structure

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Program Structure

By Masai School - EFM

Updated on : 11 Apr 2023

3 mins read

Published on : 11 Apr 2023

50 days
50 sprints
5000 minutes of deliberate practice

100 minutes per day of time investment

Core Focus: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar and Mindset

Free English Lessons to IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH- Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

The English Fluency Marathon (EFM)  is a culmination of a deep desire to learn English, determination, and deliberate practice to dramatically boost your fluency in just 50 days.

To complete the Full marathon, you need to complete one sprint every day for the next 50 days

Yes, seriously!

And the best thing is you can Learn and Practice English every day from the comfort of your home

But here's the awesome thing...

Masai School WISHES to assist you in achieving this goal! So...

If you complete the full marathon, Masai School will issue a completion certificate along with full assessment of your English fluency level

Hey, I'm Yogesh Bhat, cofounder and SVP at Masai School, and I just want to thank you so much for your desire to take your English to the next level. We are starting this program, i.e., the English fluency marathon, and we will support you in the best possible way to make your dream come true of speaking fluently come true. 

We are going to teach you how to actually speak English fluently. We are going to take your English to the next level now all you have to do is enter your email address and register right now don't wait to do it right now and I will see you at the English Marathon let's jump right in "

In this Marathon you will learn:
-How to overcome the fear and hesitation to speak in English?
-The mindset to learn English Fluency
-We will focus on 5 core blocks : Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking | Grammar 101-Keep learning at any time
-To help you build on everything you're learning, you have access, any time you want, to lots of great resources.
-Recap classes to help test your knowledge
-Blog filled with additional resources and tips

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