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Mission and Outcome

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Mission and Outcome

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Mission and Outcome

By Masai School - EFM

Updated on : 11 Apr 2023

3 mins read

Published on : 11 Apr 2023

Our Mission:
To help 10 Million students from Bharat to speak English Fluently. We want to empower students of Bharat to achieve English fluency @ 0 investment ( No course fees). We need your Efforts, Determination, and GRIT
Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of EFM, individuals can communicate effectively, and gain mobility in the job market. We work on the mindset, skillset, and toolset that is required to achieve threshold-level fluency.
We focus on 5 core blocks:
Listening | Reading | Writing | Speaking | Grammar 101
English Fluency Marathon by Masai School is a challenge to take your English skills to the next level!
Fluency in 50 days... An intensive program! Just like a regular marathon ..

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