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Features and Benefits

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Features and Benefits

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Features and Benefits

By Masai School - EFM

Updated on : 5 Apr 2023

3 mins read

Published on : 5 Apr 2023

Hard work pays off with Masai School
'Whether you're looking for a high-frequency course to learn faster or are committed to a long term goal of fluency'
Your Team on this Great Journey:
Yogesh Bhat | Co-founder and SVP (Holistic Development)
Avinash Patro | Instructor and Coach
Lochani | Instructor & Coach
Harshal | Instructor & Coach
Pawan Pathak | Program Manager
Are you ready to be part of this? Well then, let's jump right in!
This 50-Day Marathon is going to help you improve your English and go to the next level. See you there!
EFM Features:
-Daily skill-based lessons
-Learning materials (PDF, links, Video content, Quizzes)
-Hands-on activities
-A wide variety of texts from business and technical journals
EFM Benefits:
  • Speak with confidence
  • Improve your understanding of English
  • Improve your language production
  • Understand and use hundreds of common English words used in business
  • Speak English during meetings, phone calls, presentations, letters, and other situations at work
  • Ace your Job Interviews with Confidence, Conviction, and Courage
  • Hone your presentation skills in English
  • Learn and adapt to corporate etiquette

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