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Masai School Full Stack Development Course

Our students have gone through rigorous training to meet your needs

  • 1,200+ hours of coding experience
  • 100 hours of soft skills training
  • Cross team collaboration skills
  • No hiring fees

Our Graduates have mastered the latest technologies in 24 weeks.

Full Stack web development

Front End

HTML, CSS, Javascript, React and Redux

Back end

Node, Python, Flask, SQL

Data Structures and Algorithms
Computer Science Fundamentals

Diverse talent from all over India

Masai School doesn’t charge student’s tuition until they’re hired. Removing upfront tuition allows us to select students from a group of applicants that is an order of magnitude larger than other programs who have high upfront costs. This model allows us to select candidates based on merit, leading to a high quality and diverse applicant pool.

Masai School india

Zero Hiring Fees

Give a Masai School graduate a trial with a 1-3 month apprenticeship. Love your Masai grad? Hire them full-time with no recruiting fees.

Top tech companies are hiring Masai School graduates

Masai School Hiring Partner Flipkart
Masai School Hiring Partner instamojo
Masai School Hiring Partner ola
Masai School Hiring Partner nobroker
Masai School Hiring Partner sharechat
Masai School Hiring Partner cleartax
Masai School Hiring Partner revvsales
Masai School Hiring Partner urbanclap
Masai School Hiring Partner mpl
and more..

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