Full Stack Web Development Track (Online)

The best place to learn foundation of Web Development and Computer Science

24 Weeks

1200 hrs Coding

100 hrs Soft Skills

100 hrs Logic

20 Guest Lectures

2 Demo Days

2 Hackathons

20 Projects

100 Challenges

10 Mock Interviews




24 Weeks

Start Date

Mar, 2020


Monday - Saturday
9 am to 9 pm

Coding Course Curriculum

WEEK 1-4

Advanced HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git, Command-Line, Bootstrap and jQuery

WEEK 5-9

Advanced Javascript, ES6, React, Redux, NPM, and Basic Data Structures


Build and showcase complete Front end project

WEEK 11-14

Introduction to Python, MongoDB, Flask, Advance Data Structures and Algorithms I

WEEK 15-19

Postgres, Node, Express, Servers and Advance Data Structures and Algorithms II


Build and showcase end to end Backend project

WEEK 21-24

Coding challenges, Technical Interview workshop, Salary Negotiation Workshop, Live Projects, Hiring Day

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Soft Skills Curriculum

WEEK 1-4

Communication Skills, Mindset of a programmer

WEEK 5-8

Corporate Etiquette, Personal Mastery

WEEK 9-12

Time Management, Execution Excellence, Collaboration Skills

WEEK 13-16

Stakeholder Management, Building Social Profile

WEEK 17-20

Resume Building, Grooming Etiquette

WEEK 21-24

Mock HR Round Interviews

*Note - Course curriculum may undergo some changes if required