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Backend Development

Fast Track Your Aspiration

Take the career leap to Senior Software Developer with our transformative upskilling course designed to make your eXperience really count.

technical knowledge NEEDED

Pay after placement of 10LPA

Backend Development

Why Backend Development?

X(perience) Marks the Spot

X(perience) Marks the Spot

Use your prior experience to upskill & accelerate your career path.
Extensive Curriculum

Extensive Curriculum

Java, SQL, Hibernate, Spring, AWS, DSA and a lot much more.
Top Instructors & Mentors. Live.

Top Instructors & Mentors. Live.

Learn from experience subject matter experts.
Amazing Opportunities in Tier 1 Companies

Amazing Opportunities in Tier 1 Companies

Amazon, Dunzo, Uber, Adobe, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, HackerRank & more.

Course Details

For a duration of 22 weeks, the course requires a commitment from 10 am to 5 pm on weekends in an intensive and immersive curriculum.

22 Weeks (5 Months)

10am - 5pm Weekends

Minimum 1 year of Coding Experience

Note: This time commitment is subject to changes based on your evaluation performance & learning requirements.

Requirements & Eligibility

You should meet the following requirements to be eligible for this course.


1+ years of practical coding experience


An uninterrupted connection of minimum 4mbps.


Open to all branches & degrees, technical knowledge required

Admission Test

Coding Test, Technical Interview


Aadhar Card

Medium of Instruction


What You’ll Learn

Pre Course (2 Weeks)


Introduction to Java, Basic Language Fundamentals & Pillars of Object Oriented Programming


Time & Space Complexity Analysis, Arrays, Stacks & Queues, Probability, Permutations & Combinations

Week 1-6


Java Refresher & Core Java


Sorting & Searching Algo, Recursion & Backtracking

Week 6-12


SQL, Hibernate & Spring


Linked List, Greedy Algo & Dynamic Programming

Week 12- 19


NoSQL, Linux Shell & Design


Trees, Graphs & Recursion

Week 20


Kafka, ES, CI/CD

Zero Upfront Fee

Pay via our Pay After Placement Agreement

Apply and study for ZERO upfront fee.

Pay the course fee in 36 months or less from your post-course salary, only when you earn ₹ 10LPA (CTC) or more.

The PAP is capped at a maximum repayment of ₹ 3.5 Lakhs.(tax incl)

Application Process

Take the career leap to Senior Software Developer & make your eXperience count. Follow the steps below to apply for the course.

1 Apply to the course.

2 Take and clear the Masai Coding Test.

3 Schedule your Technical Interview.

4 Once cleared, you are ready to join the course.

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