Android Development Track (Online)

The best place to learn foundation of Android Development and Computer Science Course

24 Weeks

1000 hrs Coding

100 hrs Soft Skills

100 hrs Logic

24 Guest Lectures

2 Demo Days

2 Hackathons

10 Projects

50 Challenges

5 Mock Interviews




24 Weeks

Start Date

27th July, 2020


Monday - Saturday
9 am to 9 pm

Coding Course Curriculum

WEEK 1-5

Intro to Java, Objects and classes, Arrays, OOPS, Interfaces, wrapper classes, Exception handling, Collections , File Handling , Threading, Intro to Android.

WEEK 6-10

Android Components, Application Class, Context, Gradle, Layouts, Manifest, Event Listeners, Intents, Fragments , Bundle, WebView, Permissions, Recycler view, Image Loading, Navigation drawers, Action Bar, Handlers, Loopers, HandlerThread, Async Task, Material Design and Basic Data Structures

WEEK 11-15

Networking, Data Storage - Shared Preference, SQLite Database, RoomDatabase, Reactive programming(Rx Java and Rx Android) , Live Data , Services, Work manager, Content providers, Room with LiveData and RxJava, Android Design Patterns and Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms I

WEEK 16-20

Introduction to Kotlin, Objects and classes , Collections, Scoping functions, Notifications, Custom Notifications, Memory Leak detection, In-App purchases, Extensive usage of Firebase, Sensors, Google Maps SDK, Animations, Custom views, widget creation, Android Architecture components and Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms II

WEEK 21-24

Android JetPack, Dependency injection (Dagger 2 and koin), Co-routines, Unit Testing, Java Design Patterns, Proguard, App bundles, Playstore release, Coding challenges, Interview preparation.

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Soft Skills Curriculum

WEEK 1-4

Proactive mindset, Time Management, 7 Habits at Masai school

WEEK 5-8

Language Skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing), Mindset of a programmer

WEEK 9-12

Critical Thinking & Creative Thinking, Corporate Etiquette and Presentation Skills

WEEK 13-16

Planning, Execution Excellence and Collaboration Skills

WEEK 17-20

Adaptability, Flexibility and Personal Mastery

WEEK 21-24

Presentation Skills, Learnability and Approachability

*Note - Course curriculum may undergo some changes if required


09.00 - 9.15


Daily Standup with your peers to review the day's materials before instruction begins

9.15 - 10.15

Mathematics/ Data Structures and Algorithm Class

Live/Concept (Pre-recorded) Class to understand the concepts

10.30 - 12.00

Coding Assignments

Solve assignment basis class discussion on your own

12.15 - 01.00

Coding conceptual Class

Live/Concept (Pre-recorded) Class to understand the concepts

01.00 - 02.00

Lunch break

02.00 - 03.00

Soft Skill

Live class along with group activities to enhance your soft skills

03.15 - 04.30

Coding Class

Live Class to understand the concepts and do programming under instructor's guidance

05.00 - 09.00

Coding Assignments

Build on your own and get help along the way from peers, Sherpas and teachers in Slack

09.00 - 09.15


Daily Standup with your peers to review the day's materials before instruction begins

09.15 - 05.00

Projects/ Problem Solving sessions/DS Contests

Build a real life applications basis your understanding on different topics.

05.00 - 06.00

Codetalkers (Industry Expert Sessions)/ Alumni Insight/ Alumni Success Stories

*Note - Course timings may undergo some changes if required.

System requirements

Download Speed Minimum 1 Mbps download speed
Operating system OS - Ubuntu (preferred)
Hard Disk Size 120 GB
Processor Speed 1 GHz Processor
Others Microphone, Webcam