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Your Vision To Make A Difference,Our Mission.

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Life at Masai

In a pursuit to skill the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow, Masai is always hard at work. With a team of over 300 employees, we’re a family of enthusiastic, efficient, and outcome-driven individuals who celebrate a culture of diverse thought processes and perspectives, encouraging everyone to bring out the best in themselves.

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Masai Vision

We are working towards building an ecosystem where opportunities for financial stability are evenly distributed. Our vision is to create a world where every young individual realises their true potential and contributes to tomorrow’s workforce.

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Why Masai?

We are a collaborative workplace that focuses on employee development allowing them to create, innovate & thrive.

Employee Centric

Masai works to provide a working environment conducive to professional development by giving authority over work, encouraging feedback and creating a psychologically safe space to work in

Impact Oriented

All efforts at Masai are fueled towards creating an impact and bettering lives. We work towards making sure our students, who come from varied socio-economic backgrounds, are set up for career success.

Experienced Top Leadership

With a mix of experienced and the young, Masai is proud to have a very accomplished top brass. This will provide great learning opportunities and a collaborative work ecosystem.

High Growth Environment

Everyone working at Masai needs to work with high ownership. This can provide a very steep growth path for our employees.

Benefits and Perks

Hybrid Working Model

We work 3 days from office & 2 days from home. One can also work from home for a maximum of 5 work days to travel home/workation.

Cross Team Mobility

After spending a minimum of 1 year in a role, employees can move across teams without the mandate of relevant work experience.

Define Your JD

Your involvement in projects is not bound by your job function. Oh & feel free to walk up to the founders and build your own project too!

Feedback Forums

We enable you to interact and share your experiences with formats like 1-on-1 manager review, skip manager review & HR Connect being quarterly mandates.

No Questions Asked Leave

All female employees get a quota of no-questions-asked menstrual leave through the year. This is in addition to the usual leaves like sick, earned or compensatory leaves.

Unlimited Celebrations

Be it a Birthday or Work Anniversary, festival or just in the mood to celebrate we leave no opportunity to celebrate and come together to have fun. Pssssttt we also have MEME contests!!

Best possible facilities in a quaint workplace

TT table, BB Vending Machine, Fridge, Coffee machine, biometric entry and exit, bean bag corners.

Hear from the Team

One of the best parts of being at Masai is the impact you can produce on the lives of thousands of students and their families. All of this is only possible when an organisation collectively loves what it does.

swanand kadam

Senior Curriculum Engineer -
Curriculum Team

What Masai stands for has always been very close to my heart and I could easily relate to the vision Masai has. From day one to this day it has been a wonderful journey for me both and I got to learn a lot which I can say has helped me grow stronger professionally.”

Deepti N Prabhandam

Operations Manager L3 -
Holistic Development Team

It was a posh dream for me 7 month's back to think or even dream of where I am today in life and I can simplify the journey by saying that it was possible only because of the Culture and a Vision that Masai has, Not only I can relate to the vision of Masai towards the students of Scaling up the untapped and under utilized talent ...the students of Scaling up the untapped and under utilized talent but also being one among the individuals that are hoping for an opportunity to showcase their talents when no one believed in but by themselves and in trying hard to make a statement in life. It's an immense pleasure and joy to be in this mission to transform the way of education and to be a part of an organization which is predominantly working; not only on scaling up the untapped talents but also in helping to achieve the maximum potential of its young employees with great leadership

Aashik k

Executive -
Placements Team

Masai's belief in their mission is evident in the manner in which they invest in their students irrespective of their backgrounds and provide them support in numerous ways. I enjoyed my journey as a student and I'm glad to have an opportunity to have a similar impact now as a member of the Masai team.

Sushruti Nihale

SDE-1 -
Engineering Team