What do Tech Recruiters Look for in New Hires?

Uncover the secrets to impressing tech recruiters by understanding the qualities they value in new hires. Explore the essential technical skills that elevate your eligibility and delve into the world of non-technical attributes that are equally critical.

Tech Recruiters

Got What It Takes?

Many of us wonder what 'essential skills' are needed for a job. Skills required for different job roles vary, and there is no set list of prerequisites. Technical specialists must possess diverse abilities to fulfill their duties professionally. Those who are most effective in programming should be capable of combining their knowledge, aptitude, and technical skills with soft skills such as collaborating and communicating effectively with the team.

What Technical Skills Do Tech Recruiters Look for?

Recruiting technical candidates includes finding, screening, and hiring candidates for software engineering, software development, data analytics, product management, and design roles. As a fresher, you won't have any work experience. Therefore, you must be very careful when answering interview questions and presenting yourself to employers.

When hiring new hires, tech recruiters will look for the following essential technical skills.

1. Programming Language Proficiency

There is no expectation that programmers be fluent in all programming languages. However, hiring candidates proficient in at least two languages is advantageous to handle multiple projects and meet clients' needs.

2. Mathematical Skills

In the modern world of engineering marvels, math is fundamental to how the world works. If a programmer lacks a basic understanding of mathematics, their performance will be significantly impacted. Recruiters usually prefer programmers who have a solid understanding of algebra and arithmetic.

3. Analytical Skills

The candidate's ability to write code is almost as important as knowing many programming languages. It is essential for recruiters to hire coders with a keen eye for detail. In addition to being a great coder, the ideal candidate should have excellent editing skills to avoid syntax errors.

4. Full-stack Developers

The term "full-stack developer" refers to software specialists capable of working both on the front end and the back end of a website. Recruiters value professionals' skills and proficiency in implementing agile projects, investing all of their years of experience to achieve the best results.

5. Implementing Your Learnings in Real-world Situations

"Recruiters across the globe emphasise projects" in resumes for a reason. However, how would an employee perform in a real-life project if they have vast theoretical knowledge but do not know how to apply it to real-life situations? For this reason, recruiters look for individuals who can use critical thinking and the provided material to solve industry problems.

What Non-technical Skills Do Tech Recruiters Seek?

The non-programming skills, also called soft skills, are essential for integrating into a workplace and collaborating effectively with others. Recruiters look for the following non-programming skills when hiring new tech talent.

1. Teamwork

The key to teamwork is functioning in groups smoothly and efficiently. Motivating and inspiring other team members and understanding their behaviour, actions, and responses are essential to this task. Recruiters place a high value on teamwork. A multi-talented and multi-idea individual is what they are looking for.

2. Communication Skills

Most software engineers communicate with coworkers and clients and operate in a vacuum. As a result, communication skills are a top priority for employers in the industry. A potential candidate will never say, "I fixed the bug, but now I don't know how to do that." An essential characteristic of a good programmer is being able to explain technical terms and concepts to non-programmers.

3. Problem-solving Skills

Solving problems and finding solutions are essential to engineering, scientific research, and technology careers. Software developers with these skills stand out from the rest. Many recruiters use competency-based applications and questions to assess applicants' problem-solving abilities, as many software engineering jobs require the ability to identify and solve software faults using deductive reasoning.

4. Creativity

Recruiters often seek candidates with creative skills because they foster innovation and solve problems at work. Being creative can enable you to approach challenging situations from new perspectives. As a result, you can examine all possible factors, consider different perspectives, and come up with appropriate and feasible solutions.

5. Time Management

When hiring top candidates, time management is a crucial skill to look for since it affects the project's outcome. Furthermore, let's be honest. Nobody likes a late project!

In the workplace, most projects are collaborative. As a result, time management does not only impact employee performance but also impacts other employees' operational procedures and achievements.

Ready, Set, Go!

Recruiters look at resumes and search for certain qualities in the first interview, and now you know what they seek. While it will take some work to catch a recruiter's attention and get a great job offer, this may be an ongoing process for the rest of your career. Gear up and stay well-equipped to build the essential tech and non-tech skills that will certainly get recruiters proactively contacting you.