UrbanPiper Is Tasting New Success With This Masai Graduate

UrbanPiper Is Tasting New Success With This Masai Graduate

Despite having a population of 500 million people in their working years, India continues to grapple with a dire skills crisis. This pressing issue is further highlighted by a report published by US-based digital infrastructure company, Equinix, in November 2022[1].

The report revealed that 74% of IT decision-makers in India view the shortage of personnel with IT skills as a major threat to their businesses. The demand for tech talent is outpacing the available pool of qualified candidates, with Nasscom-Zinnov’s reports estimating that India could face a shortfall of 14-19 lakh techies by 2026[2].

This crisis is hindering the growth of businesses across the industry. However, some companies have found innovative solutions to overcome this challenge and built teams that are equipped to tackle the latest advancements in technology with members like Akshay Kadam.

Akshay Kadam hails from North Karnataka. Upon completing his computer science degree in 2020, he found himself facing a common challenge in the tech industry: a lack of in-demand skills.

In his search for a solution, he stumbled upon Masai’s flagship Masai 0ne program, a comprehensive 37-week training program taught by industry experts and designed to immerse students in practical, hands-on learning experiences.

Akshay, now armed with new found skills and experience, was finally job-ready. Shortly after his completion of the course, he was hired by UrbanPiper as an Associate Product Engineer, along with 6 other fellow Masai graduates.

Anirban Majumdar, CTO and Co-Founder of Urban Piper, shares why they chose to hire from Masai -

"When we were screening Masai students, I was looking at their GitHub profiles, and not their resumes. 7 out of 31 developers in our Engineering team are from Masai, and have grown to lead independent modules, and I think Masai is doing a great job at bridging that employment gap by training students to be competent developers."

Akshay's focus at UrbanPiper is to solve problems, regardless of whether they are frontend or backend related, an approach solidified from his days during construct week at Masai.

“During the construct week, we were on our own, building an understanding on how to approach and solve problems. Even at UrbanPiper, I have been provided with the opportunity to work on projects that align with my interests and passion for problem-solving.”

In his initial days, he worked on an internal communication platform, an app for both Android and iOS using React Native, which was a great success as it made communication across teams easier.

Furthermore, he has also lent his talent to other significant projects. Akshay elaborates:

“Recently I have worked on a product which is a wide-level application for restaurants. This product provides restaurants with a dashboard to manage their website, payment gateways, and more, with just a few clicks. It has notable clients such as Subway and some meat delivery clients.”

It’s not surprising Akshay was promoted to Product Engineer within 10 months of joining UrbanPiper. He has found an extremely supportive team there and thanks the company’s co-founder & CTO Anirban for encouraging him to speak up and share his ideas.

The right hire can streamline an organisation’s path to success. The cornerstone of any successful startup is a strong and talented team, it's no wonder that many successful startup founders attribute their achievements to having the right people in place from the beginning.

Masai ensures that each of its graduates is highly skilled, with over 1200 hours of practical coding experience and 300+ hours of data structures and algorithms training. Additionally, each student receives 100+ hours of dedicated soft skills training to help them cope with professional demands and be problem-solvers with a knack for learning.

Not just that, the Masai recruitment process aka “The Masai Experience” is distinguished by an average recruitment process duration of three days, and over 2000 hiring partners already trust Masai for their recruitment needs, a testament to Masai’s quality of talent and the dire need for such talent in today's tech world. This is further reinforced by Anirban himself.

With a proven track record of producing top-tier fresher talent in web development and data analytics, Masai can help you build a team that will propel your company to the next level of success. Click here to hire from Masai

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