Tushar’s Quest to Fulfill His Dream of Becoming a Software Engineer

Tushar Agarwal - A Masai graduate now working as Software Engineer at Tracxn
Tushar Agarwal - A Masai graduate now working as Software Engineer at Tracxn

Tushar hails from New Delhi and was raised in a loving family that always believed Tushar would do great things in life. Tushar was always active in school, participating in various events and being the first to sign up for an activity.

He chose B.Sc in Physical Science with Computer Science from Delhi University as his degree program. Tushar picked coding as one of his 11th-grade subjects since he was always intrigued about how a website is built. While still in college, he enrolled in Masai's fast-paced full-stack web development course.

We were talking to Tushar to find out about his experiences at Masai. Tushar is currently employed as a Software Engineer at Tracxn.

How did you discover Masai?

I considered studying actuarial science, which is a discipline that uses mathematical and statistical tools to estimate financial risks in the insurance and banking sectors. But because I wasn't doing well, one of my relatives proposed Masai to me.

He informed me he knew about Masai because he wanted to hire Masai software developers. He explained everything from the curriculum to how the placement process works, and I chose to join Masai right then and there.

What were your parents' reactions to your decision to join Masai?

My parents have always been really supportive, so when I told them this is what I wanted to do, they didn't hesitate for a second. They had complete faith in me, but they also wanted to know that I was certain that my career choice was correct.

To this day, I remember my father reminding me, "Do what you want to do, but be wise to yourself, and pursue the path of success."

What was the best thing about Masai?

There is no one best thing, which is why Masai is the best. Everything is amazing. The curriculum is really good, and the best part is how they guide the students.

The weekly assessments pushed me to study hard and do well, which was one of my favourite parts of being a part of Masai. The support system is unmatched since they have the best instructors who will clear your doubts as many times as you need.

Many people lose faith throughout the placement process because companies may take longer to respond, but the Masai team ensures you do not lose hope. They will be there for you until the end and even after.

How did you balance attending college and studying in Masai?

We had classes from early morning to late afternoon, so I had plenty of time to focus on Masai's course. Since I joined Masai, I've only had one thought: I have to give it my all. I made it a point to keep my mind open and my eyes focused so that I could absorb as much information as possible.

There were a few times when it was hard to manage my time because I had offline college exams and Masai evaluation at that time was just endless studying. This is the future I desire, so I know I can make it happen. In order to accomplish my goals, I will need to put in a lot of effort.

Personally, I think it's important to give learning something your full attention after you've made up your mind to do so. Whenever I felt like slacking off, I'd go back on what my dad said when I first told him I wanted to join the Masai.

Tell us about your construct week experience

It's great because throughout that time period we can gain a wealth of knowledge. It also means that we have to devote more time and energy to studying and discovering new opportunities to optimize our skills.

We have to take the ownership that this is your project and you have to make it as well as possible. We are given a limited amount of time with deadline, which adds some healthy pressure which is essential.

When working in a professional setting, where you are part of a team, it is essential to learn how to face and overcome challenges. Construct week teaches the valuable ability of error detection and correction, which is helpful during the job.

How was your placement experience?

You'll need a lot of patience, but it will be worth it in the end. When opportunities present themselves, but you are unable to grasp on them, you sometimes become impatient. When this happens, your patience will be tested the greatest.

On the same day, I had two interviews and was offered positions by both of them. A relatively small number of people enjoyed this kind of freedom to work for the company one prefers. I chose to work at Tracxn, a global startup data platform based in Bengaluru.

What was your and your parents' reaction when they got to know that you got the job?

My parents are very religious. The first thing that I was asked to do was to visit the temple and take blessings from the elders. It is something that we follow whenever we get good news. It was just a heart-warming feeling that after months of working hard and waiting for exactly this moment, just became reality.  

Advice for future students

Many students, I'm sure, have questions like "Is Masai real?" Are they going to guide us in the right direction? Can they actually help you land a job? Your concerns are understandable, and it is essential that they be addressed.

If you keep having doubts about Masai, it will be hard to study because those doubts will always be in your head. Another thing you should be certain of is your ability to believe in yourself and work hard toward your goals.