Tools and Platforms used at Masai School

Tools and Platforms at Masai

Navigating through Masai School

Since Masai School is a remote-learning environment, we use a variety of tools and platforms to build and develop our community and support the Student Experience. 

Our most commonly-used tools and platforms, along with requirements and recommendations for usage, are outlined below.

  • Slack
  • Zoom


  • What is Slack?

Slack is an online communication tool used very widely in the technology industry. For Masai School, it is the most important and frequent channel we use to communicate with Students. It is how and where our Students will receive Zoom links to participate during the classes, and how they will often communicate with other students, staff, and instructors. If a student has never used Slack before, they should spend time understanding it well. Nearly every tech company in the world uses it, and it is rapidly becoming a point of competence across software engineering teams.

  • How does a Student join Masai’s Slack workspace?

After completing the Student Launch form, the students will receive an invitation to the Student Slack workspace. Once they accept their Slack invite, they will be automatically assigned to a few relevant channels, corresponding to their batch.

  • Set up a profile
  • A picture of the student’s face. This must be a professionally appropriate photo with no drawings, cartoons, or any other imagery in it.
  • The student’s first name and last name
  • His or her course and section
  • Optional: Gender pronouns
  • Slack Channels

    We have a number of Slack channels, and it can get overwhelming to know and understand which ones to join and participate in. Click here for a cheat sheet of channels that we feel are beneficial to get you started. Commonly-used Slack channels

Slack Expectations and Etiquette:

Remember: Professionalism always.


  • Be considerate of others while contributing to a channel.
  • Use the section’s main channel for content-related purposes.
  • Use the section’s Help channel to ask questions and to get support.
  • Use threads 🧵


  • Do not use profanity
  • Do not use a profile picture that is not a professional photo of their face. This does not need to be professionally taken but has to be professional in nature. 
  • Do not use @channel because this can be disruptive to other channel members – This feature is only reserved for the staff, IAs, and instructors.
  • Do not use channels for posts that are not aligned with the channel’s intended purposes.
  • Do not contribute to channels that disrupt the learning environment.
  • Do not use channels for any form of solicitation.
  • Do not share inappropriate content
  • Do not create inappropriate emoticons.

What do @channel and @here do?

Typing a message in Slack that includes ‘@here’ or ‘@channel’ notifies everyone in that channel. This sends an alert to their desktop, or in many cases, their personal cell phones. As such, only staff, instructors, and IA should use “@here” and ”@channel”. Thanks for helping us keep Slack usable!

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  • What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online remote meeting service. While at Masai School, students will use Zoom to receive lectures, be involved in pair programming, work on their group projects, receive 1:1 support from the Instructions team, and more! 

Zoom Expectations & Etiquette:

Remember: Professionalism always.


  • Add the student’s full name to the Zoom account.
  • Be considerate of others while presenting and interacting on Zoom.
  • Keep the background clean and professional.
  • When not speaking, keep the mic on mute.
  • Keep the camera on and point it at the student’s face.


  • Do use, not a name that is different from the student records.
  • Do not use profanity.
  • Do not keep the camera off or pointed away from the student’s face.
  • Do not disrupt the learning environment.
  • Do not share inappropriate or offensive content.
  • Do not smoke on camera.

Zoom FAQ:

With their free account, Students will be able to join and participate in all Zoom meetings. They will also be able to create their own Zoom meetings 

(Note: While creating a student’s own meeting, free accounts have a 45-minute time limit).

  • Where will Students get the Zoom links for Guided Projects?

    When it is time for the classes, a Zoom link will be posted in the class channel with the @channel tag, which should send the student both desktop and push notifications. Make sure to follow the schedule and be on time!

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