This Masai Graduate Is Transporting SuperProcure to New Heights

This Masai Graduate Is Transporting SuperProcure to New Heights

In the pre-pandemic era, the Indian Logistics industry, like many others, was undergoing a gradual process of technological transformation. However, as the country emerged from the ravages of COVID-19, the logistics sector like most other sectors had undergone a massive transformation, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Facilitating online transactions, streamlining operations with automated processes, and digitising documentation are just some of the many ways in which the face of the industry completely changed. This is evidenced by the Indian logistics industry’s estimated worth of $190 Bn in the year 2019 [1], a figure which ballooned to $300 Bn by the end of 2021[2]. Tech-driven companies have made a huge contribution to this revolution. In fact the level of technological adoption has become a prime indicator of a company’s prospect of success in the current times. This has meant that the industry is in a dire need for skilled tech talent and must in turn grapple with the massive skill gap in India’s early talent in tech.

SuperProcure is a leading provider of logistics and supply chain management solutions for manufacturing, engineering, and infra companies. It provides its clients with a comprehensive suite of tools, including industry-recognized options. As SuperProcure strived to drive innovation, they partnered with Masai to find the perfect match for their organisation’s tech team.

Rajeswari Subramanian is an M.Tech graduate with a hunger for learning. Before joining Masai she worked as a full-time engineering lecturer, reaching the position of Assistant Professor. But her zeal for tech drove her to upskill herself so she could carve out a future in the burgeoning industry.

Initially, she struggled to find a genuine institute that could provide her with the training and placement assistance she needed. After trying several options, she came across Masai, an institute that promised to provide her with both training and placement support without charging any upfront fees.

"We have so many subjects in engineering which are only theoretical. Students should be taught in a hands-on manner, unless there's a synergy between practical and theoretical learning, theory itself will fail students"

Rajeswari found the course to be challenging, but worth the effort. With an arsenal of new tech skills at her fingertips taught by a faculty composed of industry veterans, the Masai school advantage went beyond theoretical learning and provided her with the hands-on experience that she wanted.

SuperProcure, a prominent leader in logistics and supply chain management solutions catering to manufacturing, engineering, and infrastructure companies, has always been at the forefront of innovation. To maintain this position, SuperProcure embarked on a strategic partnership with Masai, a renowned educational institution, in their quest to bolster their tech team with exceptional talent.

One standout addition to SuperProcure's tech team through this partnership is Rajeswari Subramanian. Rajeswari had a successful career as a full-time engineering instructor with an M.Tech, finally rising to the prestigious position of Assistant Professor. But her undying love for the computer sector inspired her to look for a radical transformation in her profession.

Initially, Rajeswari encountered significant challenges when searching for a genuine institution that could offer the right blend of training and comprehensive placement support. She explored various options, but her quest for the perfect opportunity led her to the doors of Masai, an institute that not only promised to equip her with the necessary technical skills but also stood out by not burdening her with any upfront fees.

Rajeswari Subramanian strongly believes that many engineering subjects often remain confined to theoretical concepts. In her view, the true value of education lies in bridging the gap between theory and practice. She articulates, "We have so many subjects in engineering which are only theoretical. Students should be taught in a hands-on manner, unless there's a synergy between practical and theoretical learning, theory itself will fail students."

Her journey at Masai proved to be a transformative experience. The coursework was indeed challenging, but Rajeswari found it to be immensely rewarding. The real differentiator was the faculty at Masai, composed of industry veterans who brought real-world expertise to the classroom. This invaluable combination of theoretical knowledge and practical insights gave Rajeswari the hands-on experience she had been yearning for.

Educational background of Masai graduates hired by SuperProcure

Now equipped with the necessary skills, Rajeswari was truly industry-ready and set to embark on a successful career in her chosen field. And SuperProcure was keen to leverage her skills as a frontend developer.

Rajeswari has been an invaluable member of the SuperProcure team for two years now and has contributed her talent to some highly valuable projects. One of her major contributions involved working on a logistics-based product that tracks the movement of goods from source to destination. Her work has helped the company deliver superior services and solve key industry problems.

Quote by Rajeswari Subramanian - A masai graduate

Rajeswari is currently working on a dashboard, handling model components, and performing CRUD operations i.e. Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting data. Additionally, she configured the dashboard to ensure that all the components used function perfectly.

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At present, Rajeswari finds herself deeply immersed in a pivotal project within SuperProcure. Her responsibilities revolve around the development and maintenance of a sophisticated dashboard, where she plays a central role in managing model components and facilitating essential CRUD operations, which encompass Creating, Reading, Updating, and Deleting data.

Much like Rajeswari, graduates of Masai School consistently distinguish themselves in their respective fields. They stand out from their peers thanks to their industry-aligned skills, a formidable work ethic, and a practical experience base that empowers them to be adept problem-solvers. Rajeswari's journey is a testament to the caliber of professionals that Masai School produces, and her contributions to SuperProcure exemplify the tangible value that Masai graduates bring to the companies fortunate enough to hire them.

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What Exactly Is CRUD?

The abbreviation CRUD stands for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE.

What are the advantages of CRUD?

You may conduct the most typical data management activities with CRUD operations, such as adding new records, updating or altering records, and deleting data.

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