This Masai Graduate is Revolutionising Learning at Lead School

This Masai Graduate is Revolutionising Learning at Lead School
"You have to value skills and not just degrees. You have to have new education models and new pathways to get people retrained and back into the workforce."
– Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO of IBM Corporation

The global tech landscape has seen a tremendous shift in what employers want from tomorrow's workforce. The emerging discourse is clear- it's the quality of the candidate that matters, not the quantity. As it stands, only a meagre 33% of all technology jobs across the globe are filled with the right talent.

India could be facing a shortage of as many as 14-19 lakh techies by 2026[1]. Hiring and retaining the necessary skilled talent to fill these vacancies is going to be an uphill battle for IT decision-makers.

With the average employability of Indian engineers being a mere 1.7% in new age jobs, how do companies keep innovating and scaling up amidst the continuing growth of the $227 Bn industry?[2]

Lead School, India's largest School Edtech company making international standard education affordable and accessible to every child, got rid of their hiring woes by finding the perfect fit for their organisation with Masai.

But what does the right fit look like for the pioneer of the school edtech revolution? And what makes Masai the perfect bridge between skill hungry employers and India's untapped talent pool? Let's follow the journey of Suvam, from B.Tech graduate to developer extraordinaire, to find out.

Suvam Adhikary graduated as a Mechanical Engineer before the world was plunged into the Covid pandemic. Instead of choosing the obvious career path in his core industry, he let his curiosity guide him as he saw an unprecedented wave of digital transformation sweeping across all industries.

Suddenly, technology has become a boardroom conversation because it is a differentiating experience. We have moved beyond efficiency.
-Anand Birje, President Digital Business Services, HCL Technologies

Always ready to push the envelope, Suvam saw both the massive boom the tech sector was experiencing and the increased demand for new workplace skills and realised he could carve a place for himself in the future of the burgeoning industry.

But he needed the necessary skills to attract employers and transition to the growing knowledge economy. And that's when he found Masai, India's fastest-growing career institute.

Masai 0ne offered the dynamic curriculum he'd need to acquire the technical and soft skills that had become standard in the industry and make himself a high-value prospect for any company.

37 weeks and 1200+ hours of hands-on coding experience later, Suvam is now an SDE-1 with Lead School, and already has more than a year's worth of experience under his belt!

In this time he's lent his mettle to a number of exciting projects, and he recounts his most memorable ones.

"The first project I was tasked with was an experimental app for Lead School. It was a fun app for students and parents aimed at promoting extracurricular activities in an intriguing way. I got to work on the frontend for it and learned so much from that experience!"

Since Lead School has over 3000 partner schools, Suvam next worked on an app for admins for the purpose of creating curriculum. This involved the creation of a process for fashioning the appropriate topics and subjects, followed by curriculum creation.

More recently he's been working on creating an app for the sole purpose of generating question papers for Lead School's 1.2 million+ students. With this project, Suvam's purposely dipping his toes into both Frontend and Backend developemnt as he wants to continue evolving his skillset.

This focus on innovation also finds a parallel in Lead's co-founder Sumeet Mehta's vision for the future, as he mentioned:

An industry-ready workforce capable of such innovation is a necessity for businesses looking to keep growing instead of playing catch-up with the competition.

And Masai makes hiring qualified talent tailor-made for your organisation a breeze. Our team of industry experts train each student across an ever-evolving curriculum in line with industry standards.

Every graduate is equipped with 1200+ hours of practical experience, with special emphasis on holistic development in the form of technical as well as soft skill training to make candidates truly job-ready.

Masai's mission to democratise higher education in India is aided by the institute's unique Pay After Placement model. This allows the outcome-driven institute to serve as the ideal bridge between India's massive untapped talent pool and industry decision makers.

This unique position alongside Masai's high quality standards contributes to the 93% retention rate boasted by the institute across its over 2000+ hiring partners, such as Ola, Uber, MPL, and IBM.

Masai has over 2500+ happy graduates helping drive innovation in top companies. It takes less than 3 days to recruit from the best, so if you too would like to get rid of your hiring woes, click here.

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[1]India could face a shortage of 14-19 lakh techies by 2026: Nasscom-Zinnov report - BusinessToday