Things to not do at Masai School

Things to not do at Masai School

We are often told about the things one should do in order to succeed, but in this article, we will share a few things one shouldn’t do at Masai School to be successful. 

If you are someone who’s a part of Masai and confused about the things you should do, and the things you shouldn’t. Here’s a blog that tells you about things you shouldn’t do at Masai. 

  1. Don’t copy/share code – While it may look like an easy option in the shorter run, it really isn’t! Even if one manages to survive the curriculum at Masai by copying code, do you really think they can crack coding rounds, and Job interviews?

    At Masai, we have a strict policy against plagiarism, and the students who are caught in this act are terminated immediately. Unlike typical colleges and degree courses, one cannot survive by copying assignments, or projects. Therefore, no matter how stuck you are – Seek help from your instructors, and IAs, but do not ask for code, or share code.
  2. Don’t Procrastinate – Although the Masai curriculum leaves little to no room for a student to procrastinate, there are always cases where some students have been able to let their laziness win over our extensive curriculum.

    Procrastinating hurts, but it hurts even more at Masai.
  3. Don’t Skip assignments – One of the most common traits in under-performing students at Masai School is that they delay working on their assignments, or don’t submit them at all. One should note that these assignments are designed to help the students practice whatever they’ve learned, and skipping the assignments is a big NO.

    While some assignments may seem difficult, it doesn’t mean that one should take ignore them, or delay working on them. Similarly, a student should attempt relatively easier assignments with equal enthusiasm and interest.
  4. Not asking questions – Successful students ask questions and it’s one of the fundamental qualities of a good learner. Every human learns at a different pace, therefore our Masai curriculum is designed in a way that our students can freely ask questions. With our 5 level support system – Instructors, IAs, Industry Mentors, Guest Faculty, and Carrer coaches, we ensure that our students have enough and more opportunities to ask, and resolve their queries.
  5. Don’t be a loner, make friends – At Masai, students have this unique opportunity to connect with fellow learners, their seniors, and Masai Alumni. The community here at Masai is potentially home to future CTOs, and tech leaders, therefore one should be proactive in making meaningful relations while they’re learning at Masai.
  6. Don’t be rude, or mean, or disrespectful to your peers, or instructors, or mentors – To ensure that our students succeed, there are a lot of people who are constantly engaged to help the student – Instructors, IAs – Instructional Associates, Industry Mentors, ECs – Experience Champions, Placement teams, and many more people.

    Therefore it’s important that a student is kind, respectful, and punctual in their obligations and relationships with their fellow learners, and team Masai. 

While we have listed a few things one shouldn’t do, one shouldn’t hold themselves from exploring new opportunities, and possibilities here at Masai.

Good luck, and Happy learning at Masai.