Taking Action: Gaurav's Advice for Career Excellence

Gaurav doubted his coding abilities and wondered if Masai's full-stack web development course was right for him. However, everything changed when he watched videos made by Masai students on YouTube.

Taking Action: Gaurav's Advice for Career Excellence

Gaurav's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. While he was not initially inclined towards socializing, his true potential began to shine after choosing the Science stream in 10th grade.

Despite facing a setback with his class 12th marks, he embraced a diploma in mechanical engineering when the engineering track seemed out of reach. However, life had another twist in store as he lost his job during the pandemic. Undeterred, Gaurav embarked on a new path, venturing into full-stack web development.

With perseverance and the support of institutions like Masai, he transformed himself into a Full Stack Software Engineer at Expertia AI. Gaurav's inspiring journey reminds us that setbacks can be the stepping stones to extraordinary success.

What does this Full-stack mean?

Full-stack refers to the collection of several technologies needed to finish a particular project.

Take the Masai School website, for instance. The front end of the website is made up of all the elements that are visible on the page, including the icons, text size, font style, colour scheme, and element placement.

The user interface of a web application that a site visitor can see and interact with is the focus of front-end development.

What brings Gaurav's drive to the field of web development?

The heart of web development is creation.

The job of full-stack web developers is at a pivotal point. From the front end to the back end, they are the technical architects creating dynamic web applications. They blend teamwork and detail-oriented communication with the hard skills of computers and API development.

The tech industry will always need developers.

Web developer positions are still in high demand despite the introduction of AI and layoffs in Big Tech. With 75% of organizations intending to use the cloud but just 8% having experience, the demand for cloud services is growing, as evidenced by the fact that the US tech industry experienced its 26th consecutive month of growth in January 2023.

There is a built-in work-life balance.

A top perk of working in technology is the ability to work remotely or hybrid. A profession in web development is rewarding, adaptable, and economical. Graduates go on to make more money, work on fulfilling initiatives that address real issues, and enjoy more free time at home for family and hobbies.

Discovering Masai

During a challenging phase in his life, Gaurav stumbled upon Masai through a fortuitous encounter with a video by Mr. Prateek Shukla on YouTube. As he delved deeper, he discovered a podcast, followed by ads that piqued his curiosity. Intrigued, Gaurav embarked on a quest to explore Masai further.

He read reviews, both positive and negative, and watched more YouTube videos. What truly convinced him of Masai's credibility were the success stories of people just like him, who had built rewarding careers after joining. Inspired by their journeys, Gaurav took the leap and joined Masai, setting his sights on a brighter future.

Another plus point that Gaurav observes that one can join and learn from Masai school while being continuing with their regular jobs. It provides flexible class timings, and in case any class gets missed, watching recorded lectures will always be an option.

Trusting Masai

At first, Gaurav felt unsure about joining Masai. He didn't have any friends who knew about it, which made him skeptical. He doubted his coding abilities and wondered if Masai's full-stack web development course was right for him. However, everything changed when he watched videos made by Masai students on YouTube.

These videos showcased real students who had gone through the curriculum. Gaurav discovered many students who, just like him, faced challenges with English. Masai School Web Development Program only needs a basic qualification of graduation and an age of up to 28 years with basic communication skills just in order to communicate learning. The only major thing that is required for this program is a computer system and a good internet connection without any disruption. He could relate to their situations, and that built trust in Masai. As he saw their success, Gaurav became more confident in his own abilities and realized how far he could go. Also, the course timeline of 8 months with the flexible timings from 11 A.m. to 11 P.m. also leads to an impact on Gaurav’s decision-making.

Encouraged, he applied for Masai School Aptitude Test (MSAT), passed the test, completed the KYC and enrolled in the course. As he progressed, designing a Wikipedia page boosted his confidence in web development. Gaurav's belief in Masai's proposition grew stronger with every step, leading him to a path of success.

Best Thing About Masai

Gaurav had two main reasons to be skeptical about joining Masai's course. Firstly, he didn't have much money to invest after already spending on consultancies. Secondly, he didn't have any friends who could vouch for Masai's success and credibility.

However, everything changed when Gaurav delved into Masai's curriculum. He discovered that it was different from those consultancies that demanded upfront payment without any guarantee. Masai took responsibility for the outcome and only asked for payment once success was guaranteed. Gaurav was assured that Masai genuinely wanted to train people in coding.

Although he knew it wouldn't be easy and finding a job afterward might be challenging, the pay-after-placement (PAP) model and rigorous schedules caught his attention. They promised to equip him with the skills he needed. Trusting in Masai's approach, Gaurav took the leap and joined, embarking on a journey that would transform his life. As Masai offers 4000+ hiring partners, it has a promising number of alumni with a great success rate as well.

Gaurav was also mesmerized by the fact that the program will be entirely live distance learning based with Tier-1 faculty members and instructors, where he will get the opportunity to get real-time feedback with a personalized learning experience.

Masai also offers scholarships up to 50% off the course fee, which will be awarded on the basis of the candidate’s performance and skill throughout the 35-week program.

Message to Current & Aspiring Students

To all those considering becoming a part of Masai's curriculum, Gaurav has a heartfelt message. He urges them to give it a try for just one month, as that's where they'll find all the career answers they seek. According to Gurav, Masai holds the key to many career problems they may be facing.

Gaurav also thinks these problems can only be solved by taking action. By joining Masai, they can actively work towards making their career better. Gaurav's own experience is a testament to the transformative power of Masai's program.

So, take that leap of faith, embark on this journey, and open doors to a brighter future. The first step begins with joining Masai.