Swetha pursued her passion for web development and became a software developer.

After completing her full-stack web development course at Masai, Swetha joined HexaHealth as a front-end engineer, without a relevant degree.

Swetha V - A Masai graduate now working at HexaHealth
Swetha V - A Masai graduate now working at HexaHealth

Swetha could not decide about her career, after completing the 12th standard. So, she decided to take up Electrical Engineering for her graduation without much thinking.

But, Swetha had always been curious about web development, irrespective of her studying Electrical Engineering. That eventually brought Swetha to Masai when she was in the final year of her college.

After completing her full-stack web development course at Masai, Swetha joined HexaHealth as a front-end engineer, without a relevant degree.

Recently Swetha joined us and talked about her passion for web development, her time at Masai, and how she managed to pursue her passion with the help of Masai. Read more about Swetha’s journey in her own words.

How has your journey been at college?

Before I joined the college, they promised that there will be 100% placements. So, naturally, the expectations were high. But, when I saw my senior friends getting mass recruited and thus ending up joining a bad company, I realized ‌it will not be that easy.

Back then, I was not sure about my career path. But, I had an interest in web development from my very first year of college. I had tried to learn programming languages on my own, out of curiosity. There was not much learning from the college as such.

Talking about placements, the companies that came to my college were good enough. But, to be honest, I was not skilled enough to take up a job at that time. I knew ‌I would struggle to survive in a corporate environment without the ‌right skills.

How did you discover Masai? And, why did you join it?

When I was in the final year of my graduation, a few of my friends who knew about my curiosity about web development told me about Masai. Till then, I was not sure about the career I wanted to choose.

Before joining Masai, I had taken up courses from Udemy, Coursera, etc. I also tried various courses on YouTube. But, I was aware that I will not be able to get a job as a software engineer since I did not have a dedicated degree in that field.

So, I was looking for an institute that would teach me all aspects of web development and make me job-ready. When my friends told me about Masai, I was impressed by their idea. So, I researched more about it and found that this is the institute I was looking for.

Is it possible to work, study, and take a part-time full-stack web development course at Masai at the same time?

Yes, absolutely. I joined Masai when I was in the last semester of my college. And, I was able to manage both very well. It might be a bit difficult for people who have full-time jobs. But, no matter what, if one has the zeal to do it, they can definitely manage both at a time.

What did you like the most at Masai?

Masai has the best instructors. They are always supportive and solve all our doubts, no matter how silly they are. This is rare these days. Compared to my teachers from college, the instructors at Masai are a league ahead.

Apart from that, I liked weekly assessments and tests. These tests, along with assignments, have been really great. We get to test ourselves every week and find out our weaknesses. Then, we try to improve them. These evaluations have been really helpful.

What is your take on self-learning or learning online and learning at Masai?

A lot of people criticise Masai because its full-stack web development course does not give valid certification or is not the same as a degree. I don't think it makes a difference.

I have a stack of different certificates I got after finishing different courses on different websites. I also have a bachelor's degree. But they don't do anything. They couldn't find me a job. On the other hand, when the course was over, I was able to get a job. I didn't have a degree, but I knew what I was doing. And skills, not a piece of paper, get you a job. Masai teaches you skills that help you get a good job.

How was the placement process at Masai?

Before we sit for the interviews with companies, we have mock interviews that prepare us for the actual interviews. These mock interviews remove the nervousness and hesitation and make us ready to face any type of interview. Our communication skills are also improved.

My first interview was with Tekion. The first round of the interview went well. But, the second round did not go as expected. I was not selected in Tekion. The second company was HexaHealth. I gave my best, and I was not nervous at all. The interviews went well, and I was selected as a front-end engineer.

Should students join coding institutes like Masai after completing their higher secondary education, if they are determined to make a career in software development?

Absolutely! If I get a chance to go back in time, I would definitely join Masai right after completing my 12th standard. And, I would advise everyone to join, if they have decided to become a software engineer.

A degree does not matter, but skills do. Today, my degree is useless. But, the skills I have learned from Masai has helped me get a well-paying job.