Shreyash’s journey of building a lasting future alongside Masai

Shreyash Gedam - A Masai graduate now working as SDE-1 at
Shreyash Gedam - A Masai graduate now working as SDE-1 at

Shreyash is from New Delhi. Having completed his education in B.Tech (Mechanical), he was once preparing for GATE in order to avail better opportunities in his career. However, he would soon find that opportunity from a completely different avenue.

After getting placed in we had a conversation with Shreyash about his experiences at Masai.

How did you find out about Masai?

It was through a YouTube video that I first heard about Masai. It was a popular video and after going through it I was very interested in the institute. I noticed how more and more jobs these days are getting automated. On an assembly line, for example, 10 years ago you might have found 100 mechanical engineers, whereas these days you may only find 5.

But jobs in IT, on the other hand, were only growing. This is why I decided to enroll with Masai, to safeguard my future. And given that all information was detailed and put out on their website, the choice became even easier.

How was your parents' reaction when you told them you want to study further?

My father was disappointed, initially. I had already spent 2 years on my education by then, so for me to then switch to another career path after that was a tough pill to swallow for him. But I convinced him that it won’t be a waste of time.

Even after spending 2 years studying previously, I wasn’t closer to achieving my goals and ensuring a successful future, so ‌Masai would be a wonderful opportunity given what they offer and its mission.

What was your favorite thing about Masai?

I found the assignments to be the best part about Masai. Because the thing is, just knowing the theory isn’t everything. It’s not like other platforms don’t teach what Masai does, but the assignments are unique to the way Masai teaches.

It allows you to practice and actually be able to implement what you are learning. That practice leads to mastery. I especially loved the DSA assignment.

How did you find the construct week projects?

They helped a lot. Alongside assignments, I think the construct week was another major experience for me. We were actually able to build some live websites and effectively work together. The experience still helps me at my job.

How was the placement process for you?

It took me a while initially to get good offers. But once I did, I found three companies before I finally got placed at I appeared for two rounds during the hiring process and the hiring manager was really happy with my skills.

After the placement, everything back home was sorted too, and my father was really happy. That was a relief.