Should You Become a Full-Stack Developer?

According to a survey, in the last 2 years, there has been an approximate increase of 30% of jobs for full-stack developers across India.

Full-stack Developer

"Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to adapt and integrate new technologies into work".

This axiom by a well-known author shows the significance of technology and its role in human life.

The newest technology that runs in the market nowadays is front end developer, back end developer and the jack of all trades- FULL-STACK DEVELOPER!

The demand for full-stack developers has never been higher, in other sense they have become integral assets for any organization. According to Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey, full-stack developers are one of the highest-paid and most wanted professionals today. They are well aware of several layers of technology that enable them to create a fully functional prototype of an application without any other developers' assistance.

Their demand escalated when there was a massive upgrade in recent tech. Many programmers re-practised the old simpler approach as the complexity increased.

According to a survey, in the last 2 years, there has been an approximate increase of 30% of jobs for full-stack developers across India.

Keeping in mind the door of opportunities it opens in the future, let us understand the scope of being a full-stack developer.

Top 5 reasons why the future for a full-stack developer is bright:

Jack of all trades

A full-stack developer is a multitasker, or we can say a one-person army. They go beyond the traditional ways of web development, they possess a great sense of design structure and user-friendliness. Along with being an expert in front end and back-end development, they also act as a mean-stack, web and DevOps developers. This quality makes them high in demand as companies are always in search of people who can juggle their work and are still able to give the best results.  

Qualitative and quantitative

Because of their skill-set and knowledge, full-stack developers are always in high demand. It makes them highly competent over other developers, and if there is a full-stack developer in the team, it helps in keeping the team smaller, thus the team size is small. This led to lesser chances of confusion over any web development project, and the output is up to the company's mark. S0, not only the quality but also the quantity is better under a full-stack developer.

Diverse job opportunities

Not only in India, but they also have global opportunities waiting for them all the time. The kind of knowledge they encompass, makes them wanted in the field of advanced technology as software developers and software engineers.


Full-stack developers are adaptable to multiple situations that may arise within the team. Such as replacing a team member, changes in the product requirement, researching to develop a product etc. They are pretty good at dealing with such scenarios by remaining calm throughout the production.    

Great commercials

When we talk about money, let me tell you! They are money magnets for obvious reasons. They are always in demand, great companies hire them and offer competitive salaries because they play a pivotal role in reducing costs for the company. In India, a newbie can earn between 5 LPA to 20 LPA whereas an experienced one can go way beyond that.

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