Shivam’s Inspiring Saga of Discovering His Passion With Masai

Shivam Pandey- A Masai graduate now working at CoinSpaze as Software Engineer
Shivam Pandey- A Masai graduate now working at CoinSpaze as Software Engineer

Shivam comes from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He joined Masai after the world was changed by the pandemic. However, juggling various responsibilities in life, he enrolled as a fast track learning course. That unique experience has shaped his journey with Masai and beyond.

Now successfully placed as a Software engineer with Coinspaze, Shivam joins us for a look back at his journey and his learnings throughout it.

How did you first discover Masai?

It was a YouTube ad that first got me curious about Masai. Later, I visited the website and started exploring all the programs and new possibilities I saw. At first, it seemed too good to be true, the PAP (Pay after Placement) and everything.

But when I read the Alumni success stories, I convinced myself to give it a try. Afterwards, I enrolled myself with Masai and now we’re here.

Why did you enroll for a fast-track learning batch?

Actually, I had college going at the time that I had to attend simultaneously. So the option of attending part-time really made it possible for me to work both out at the same time. Initially, I was unsure if I would be able to manage even for a month.

I was also preparing for a government job exam at the time, however, after my first unit in Masai, I quit the preparation for it. I was confident that Masai would get me a job.

How do you think your experience differed from an intensive learning student?

It’s hard to comment on their experience. But Yogesh and Aman sir always motivated us and reminded us that we’re different from full-time students. We have to dedicate ourselves to our learnings that day and revise everything.

Since our journeys are different, we had to learn to take accountability and ownership for everything we did to make the most out of it. Infact, these two habits continue to serve me in my professional life.

How was your construct week experience?

The construct week was a beautiful moment in my Masai journey. I got the chance to work with people who have a different mindset than me, collaborating, and achieving success together. I learned how to work with a team, and that was a great experience.

I’d say the experience and the project we built together helped me land my job interview.

What’s your favorite thing about Masai?

It is definitely the spirit of Masai. During our conversations with the faculty, or throughout the course, everyone was so supportive and encouraging. The Masai team was ready to help, be it through curriculum or anything.

Everything aligned to make me believe I could do this and take charge of my future.

That’s what gave me the confidence to quit preparing for the government exam and commit to Masai.

Tell us about your placement experience

I sat for around 15-16 companies throughout my process. My interview experience with my current employer, Coinspaze, was very smooth. I completed the assignments on time, and the technical questions weren’t a problem as my course had prepared me well.

In fact, a month after they hired me, my interviewer revealed to me the reason I impressed them was because of my GitHub profile. Anyone could teach how to code, but Masai makes us focus on other aspects like our online presence and soft skills, and that directly led to my success.

What was your parent’s reaction before and after finishing Masai?

I didn’t even tell them when I joined Masai. It was one month after the completion of the course that I revealed it to them, at first they didn’t even believe me. I told them about the alumni stories and the Pay After Placement, and that convinced them somewhat.

But after I got placed, I could tell they were happy. Convinced that I was secure and that they could rest easy.