Shashank's inspirational journey of successfully changing careers with Masai

Shashank Shalabh - A masai graduate now working at Syntizen Technologies
Shashank Shalabh - A masai graduate now working at Syntizen Technologies 

Shashank comes from Patna, Bihar. a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he had always been on the lookout for better opportunities than the ones his degree netted him. And one such opportunity showed itself when he came across Masai.

According to him, initially he thought he won’t be able to leave his comfort zone. Because of this, he was unsure whether he would even be able to complete the Masai course.

After having successfully placed as a Backend Developer in Syntizen Technologies, we join him for a chat to hear his story and if his views have changed.

How did you find out about Masai?

I was searching for an institute where I could learn and develop my skills without having to pay first, exactly the kind of institute Masai is. I think I saw an ad on YouTube but didn’t think of it much at first.

But I came across it again, that’s when I googled Masai and read everything about it. After that, I was sure that this institute would teach me everything there is to know about the subject I choose. But more than that, it felt like a promise. Believe in yourself, with the right guidance, you can do anything.

I held back for a while more but ultimately went for it.

How did your parents react to finding out about Masai?

They didn’t even know for the longest time. It was only after I had completed my first unit that they realised something was up. I wouldn’t come out of my room for a long amount of time while my classes were going on, only interacting with my parents outside of that and while having food.

But during the middle of my second unit, my father finally asked me what was happening and I revealed it to him. He was silent for a while but afterward came out in support. His only concern was if I was happy, and I told him that I am. And that I am flourishing with Masai.

What is your favorite thing about Masai?

It has to be the family touch. Everybody there, especially Yogesh Sir, my mentor, didn’t feel like corporate people. They gave such familiar vibes like they care about our success.

Shruti ma’am was another person who really felt more like a guardian to me. She would take the Skillathon and various other classes, and her interaction skills as well as personality were amazing.

Even the curriculum was something I enjoyed thoroughly.

How was your experience with Construct Week?

In my first construct week project, I had a fantastic group. There were people from all over India and even some from my city that I didn’t come to know until we connected over the project. And this exciting experience is all because of construct week.

We discussed and deliberated, and assigned work amongst ourselves. This is why we were able to successfully complete it on time and learn so much. The thing about construct week is even if you don’t win, you unlock so much potential just by participating and collaborating with other students.

Tell us about your placement experience

I think I got an incredible placement experience. I got loads of opportunities, and sometimes it even got tough to manage so much at one time. For a while I couldn’t get the hang of it, so I didn’t get placed initially despite making it to the final round for various companies.

However, I got great assistance and also advice from the placement team. They told me to not give up, and that I was capable, so I should continue to sit for more interviews. That’s when I finally cracked it and got placed.

Both me and my father cried at that moment as I hadn’t had a job in years. It was a beautiful moment.

Advice for future Masai students

Have faith and patience. The real world doesn’t work as we imagine, you will definitely get opportunities with Masai, but it might not be when you expect it. So before judging anything, give it your best shot, with discipline and hard work, you can certainly do it.