Sarvesh’s inspiring saga of defeating fear and uncertainty to become a Software Developer

Sarvesh Mishra - A Masai graduate now working as Associate software developer at
Sarvesh Mishra - A Masai graduate now working as Associate software developer at

Sarvesh is from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his education with a B.Tech (Mechanical), and after obtaining his degree, he began working since he did not want to rely on his family.

Software development was always something he was excited about, since he knew it could be a lucrative career path. After working as a mechanical engineer, Sarvesh switched gears and pursued a career in software development with Masai.

To learn more about his experience at Masai, we joined him for an illuminating conversation.

How did you find out about Masai?

It was during the pandemic that people were being laid off due to uncertainties. I was also pondering what I should do next, and I'd always had an interest in web programming.

Also, during the pandemic, I saw many individuals lose their jobs, yet they did not lay my friends who worked as software developers. This was also a hint that software development is a highly sought-after skill. That's when I began exploring the right platform, which is when I discovered Masai and enrolled in the full-stack web development program.

When I told my parents about my plan, they were initially skeptical, but after further discussion, they advised me to do whatever I felt was right and supported my decision.

What was your favorite thing about Masai?

The tremendous help I received from all the instructors, IA(Instructional Asssociate), and the placement staff. They would answer any question I had, no matter how silly it was.

One instance I remember was when I had major problems in understanding 'If Else conditional statements' in JavaScript. But my IA stayed put, explained it using various analogies, and got me through it.

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I liked how the curriculum is divided into theoretical and practical learning. We have time to learn and practice at the same time, which helps to solidify all topics and prevents forgetting.

How did you balance your full-time job with the Masai curriculum?

To be honest, it was really frantic at first because I used to get home by 5 p.m. and had to learn at Masai by 7 p.m. I was working as a mechanical engineer, which took up a lot of my time because I had to work late‌.

I always made the most of any free hour that I could find. On weekends, I used to sit all day and try to finish all of my tasks at once. This really reduced my procrastination because I completed everything at the same time as it was given.

Now that I've gotten the job, everything feels worthwhile. The struggle lasted about 6-7 months, following which I was able to smoothly transition from one career to another.

What do you believe distinguishes Masai from other institutions?

I can say with certainty that there is such a significant difference since I have learned more in 7 months than I did in 4 years of college. College teaches a lot of topics, but all of them are theoretical; there is no actual learning.

Masai's curriculum is developed in such a way that they teach you everything in detail and clear all of your doubts.

How was the construct week project?

It was a huge learning experience for me, and I believe for everyone because we had to apply all we had learned to create a website clone. When we worked in groups, there was a learning curve because everyone has a distinct working style.

It was also difficult to communicate at first because everyone was from different parts of India and we only had one common language, English. We gained a better understanding and created some truly amazing projects.

During my interview, I was really confident in our construct week project, a Pinterest website clone, which truly wowed the interviewer. Construct week boosts your confidence and trust in your abilities.

How did your parents react when they found out you got the job?

Everyone was overjoyed, since I was able to change occupations while remaining financially independent. This was a significant accomplishment for me.

Advice for Future Masai Students'

I believe you should join Masai with an open mind and a heart full of confidence that you will receive the greatest education possible. They will teach you critical abilities that you will need to develop in order to become a great software engineer.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and it is up to you how you prioritize them. Masai was my primary priority when I joined since I had complete faith.