Sanoj’s inspiring tale of giving his family their dream life

Sanoj Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as iOS developer at Ekin Care
Sanoj Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as iOS developer at Ekin Care

Sanoj is a unique case out of Bhagalpur, Bihar. With a B.Tech in Information Technology by education, he decided early on to supplement his degree with real-world experience alongside Masai.

And it paid off as Sanoj is currently working as an iOS Developer for Ekin Care, the first in his family with such a consistent source of income. Let’s join him for a quick chat about his Masai journey and what his experience taught him.

How did you get to know about Masai?

I got to know about Masai while I was still in college. It was in my fourth year of college. I saw a YouTube ad about Masai and it got me curious. I looked up the institute on Google and found hundreds of alumni success stories, which I couldn’t stop reading.

The pay-after-placement model was just the cherry on top. After researching everything I could believe in the institute and the promise of a 5LPA job a little more, so I decided to join in my 8th semester of college.

How did your parents react to your decision to join?

Well, they didn’t react much since they didn’t even know until I had already been placed. I didn’t inform them when I joined and kept it a secret even throughout the course. Once I had sat through the placement process and successfully landed a job through Masai, I decided to come clean with my parents.

What’s your favorite thing about Masai?

It has to be the course structure of Masai. That’s what distinguishes it from other institutes for me. There is so much to learn in less time than other similar platforms. But it never became overwhelming because of how well the Masai team had structured everything.

You are never alone, you get guidance all throughout the course. You build up to important concepts like DSA; you learn JavaScript from the very basics, it’s just all very well thought out. Everything builds on top of each other and you practice as you go.

How was your experience with fast-paced learning?

It was very rewarding, actually. Everything played a huge role, the assignments were great practice for the industry standards, after each class we had a discussion session where we could get all our doubts clarified by the mentor, and we had to become problem solvers to keep up with the curriculum.

I faced some issues as well, especially in understanding how to take user input in JavaScript. But with enough written resources available and guidance from the instructor, I got through the issues.

Here's a free resource where you can learn how to take input in JavaScript, along with all the other JavaScript fundamentals. Start learning now.

So it was all-important. Everything was preparing me to be a developer. Being a fast-paced learning student didn’t get in the way of that. That way I could keep up with Masai while also pursuing a job for a while.

Tell us about your construct week experience

I had a great experience with the construct week team. We were a five-member team, and we had to build a clone website by ourselves. We had to do a lot while also communicating with each other and dividing everyone’s responsibilities well.

It was a brilliant practice for what a developer does and it taught us so many things. Taught us teamwork, troubleshooting our own problems and what working in the industry must feel like.

How was your placement experience?

I sat for around 5-6 companies in total. I almost made it a bunch of times but couldn’t crack it. It wasn’t until I interviewed for Ekin Care that I finally landed a job. I interviewed for them, went through the various rounds, and even got the news that I was hired the same day.

..and that’s when you finally told your parents?

Yes, it was a huge surprise for them. But they were very happy, I was the only one from my family who was earning this much. So the consistent source of income meant a lot, and I was happy too. I am happy.